Forming a cooperative Vegan house for young elders

by Carroline Crawford
Forming Communities
Gaston Oregon

Currently calling in about 7 other “younger elder” vegans to share a beautiful large house in Oregon. Available August 1st.  Young Elder means people over 50ish who are active and committed to climate healing and vegan lifestyle. We’ll be sharing this beautiful 6 bedroom country house while learning community living skills such as compassionate communication, sociocracy, the art of manifesting, Yoga and meditation. In addition, we’ll be learning permaculture and gardening to grow our own food.  At the same time, our purpose will be focused on being active with a world organization called Climate Healers.

With 8 people in the house, the Deposit would be $2000 and the rent will be $750.00 each.  Utilities and food will be shared equally.  A minimum of a 1-year lease commitment.  Once you are acquainted with our organizers and we see a good fit, then every renter must submit an application to the rental agency and pay the non-refundable fee of $54.00.

We want to attract the right community members who are financially, mentally, spiritually, and socially secure with no addictions. We would love to live with healthy, easy-going,  responsible, and fun people! Previous community living experience a bonus.

We need to move quickly because the house is available to us Starting August 1st. To start the process of getting on our list of potential members,  please email us with a paragraph or two about how we can co-create this community together. Let us know who you are and what skills and talents you bring to our community. Why would you choose to move in with us for a year? What kind of people do you want to live with? Are you Vegan? Do you have pets we need to consider?  What’s your financial status?   Are you open to participating in our workshops on learning to manifest? Lots of zoom calls to get to know each other.

Please email Ananda at [email protected]