For the purpose of having and raising extraordinary children. Relationship preferred but not necessary.

by Neel
Forming Communities

Update:  Greetings!

Bear with me as I organize/refine this post (live edit).

In a Nutshell:  The solo journey is painfully lonely.  The best way to have the perfect people for our crew is to make them ourselves.

Looking for girlfriend/co-parent/homies and allies.

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🙂  This post is composed of separate sub-posts/sections.

Table of Contents:

  1. Co-Parenting & Co-Homesteading
  2. Organic Food
  3. Camper Van Minibus Fleet & Destinations
  4. Real Estate
  5. Miscellaneous Musings
  6. About Me
  7. Picture Captions

🙂  Co-Parenting & Co-Homesteading

Purpose:  To have and raise highly capable, highly talented people in a fun, caring, non-religious, communal environment; benefit from economies of scale; and distribute the day to day tasks of family care.

“To introduce our genes into two successive generations before we expire is our biological purpose.”

I am seeking a woman(s) who is interested in having my children and raising them with me in a non-religious, scientifically and health minded, communal environment.

Each adult is to have their own personal private space in the form of their own tiny-home made of steel re-enforced concrete on the same campus or apartment in a school I intend to purchase as well as a converted mini school bus (complete with shower, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, desk, dining area, solar power, climate control & mood lighting).  We will be growing organic food in an automated fashion; learning/creating together; adventuring together in our fleet of converted mini school buses; and working to live sustainably while supplementing our lifestyle/homestead outside resources when practical.

I’m ready to have children; homestead and transfer my knowledge to my would be children and family and introduce others to the beautiful and wonderful things that I have experienced.  Hopefully raising everyone’s energy and thereby raising the overall vibe of our group.  I have some finances for us to get started immediately.  Ideally, you would also have some financial resources to contribute also.

It’s important that we share the same values — not necessarily the same interests.  As long as our values are aligned then we can have confidence in each other to make the best decisions in the interest of our child, because obviously there will need to be some autonomy.

Common Values:  I value tasty (mostly organic) food, healthy active lifestyle, clean air, sustainable living, nice scenery, clean hands, non-religious, open-mindedness

Ying/Yang:  Ideally we should have complimentary talents and/or in the case of overlap of talents/skills at the very least we should have complementary preferences for the types of tasks we prefer to do.  I’ll stay in my masculine energy so you can remained polarized to your feminine energy.  Which of course is what harmonizes best with our biology.

Parental Duties First:  I would like to partner  for life the primary purpose of having and raising children together.  This is to say that our romantic relationship(s) (which would be lovely and welcomed) should not affect our decision to have and cooperate to raise our children together  which as you may already understand is a lifelong commitment that requires self-sacrifice.

Communal Aspect:  I would like to do this adjacent to other independent friend/ally communities with other families who are also having and raising extraordinary children and/or potentially with another woman willing to have another child with or for us and/or a well vetted empty nester with similar values who loves kids to join our inner circle.  This would give you and me the added security that there are many people that would have a vested interest in the well being of our children in the event something were to happen to one of us.  Also, it’s more fun to do things with other people who all have each other’s best interests and well-being at heart — not to mention the economies of scale.  Raising our kids communally will give you the personal you-time you need to recharge while the rest of us pick up the slack.

Pragma Love:  I will strive to be the best parent possible for our would-be children and a good life partner to you.  I volunteer myself to you for unlimited sex, cuddles, and massage-without-reciprocation for love, health, comfort, fun, and procreation.  If we don’t have or develop romantic love between us, you will be loved, valued, and protected as the mother of our children.  You will have the die-hard loyalty of me and hopefully our children and your would-be godchildren and hopefully have secured end-of-life-care.  You’ll have the safety, security, familiarity, and comfort provided by our community.

Personal Boundaries/Expectations/Preferences:  We can talk openly about expectations, boundaries, desires for both ourselves and for our children.  Tell me about your quirks, and OCD’s and preferences so I can understand how to best interface with you.

Preconception Agreement:  This will include things like the child’s name, country of citizenship, method of conception, acceptable discipline, financial obligations, etc.  You can include any terms that you have.  I’m flexible and reasonable and if in the future we agree to change something based on new information or circumstances we can make a provision to our agreement.

Baby Names:  These are just some of the names that appeal to me:  Preston, Krishek, Miriam, Elise, Eva

Homeschooling/Training: I am for mobile homeschool education in a Montessori fashion with emphasis on math, science and technology, art, musical instrument and voice training, kineseology (gymnastics, parkour, break dancing, martial arts, swimming, skating, bmx, archery, etc), linguistics, and primitive survival (foraging skills, making a friction fire, etc).  Our child should eat an all organic diet when possible.  I am against corporal punishment.  The children will have the option of joining the family circus or family band if we form one of those and all them will speak many languages.  There will be plenty of time for play and travel will be part of our entertainment and edutainment.  Mastery of many things can be achieved by applying a short amount of time and energy towards something at regular intervals.  Over many years and a lifetime the progress can be profound.

Religion/Spirituality/Irrational Beliefs:  Non-religious is the preference.  If you are just donating your genes and willing to gestate a kid for us then it’s not really that important what your views are — your body just needs to be healthy (cause lawd knows your mind can’t be — jk).  I feel spiritually connected to everything in the cosmos.  What do we know if don’t even understand what our own consciousnesses is?  Right?  Well, we can pursue that knowledge together, too.  Science is the way.  Everyone has ideas/feelings/hunches about things that are not yet understood, and even believe things with limited or no evidence — even the most dedicated scientific minds like me have had ‘experiences’.  I’m open to talk about that and explore those ideas with you without judgement.  With that being said, none of these improvable beliefs or ideas will come into day to day decision making with the exception of hunches and ‘gut feelings’ — especially in any situation involving safety.

Prepping is part of our mission:  We will freeze dry the surplus food we’ve grown for ourselves until we have amassed enough food for ourselves, our children and everyone in our colony for the next 20+ years.  We will do the same with drinking water for which I know of the smoothest natural spring water we can collect by the tanker load.  This is the truest and most reliable form of retirement. Our mini school bus fleet will double as our bugout evacuation fleet.  We will train to be ready for anything.  Prepping is fun and it makes good sense.

Parental Fitness:  It’s normal to question one’s fitness to be a parent.  It’s okay if you didn’t have a fairy tale upbringing and/or lack the family support that eases the challenges of raising children.  We are going to make our extended family and be that for each other.

“Our time is vast but is currently limited by our biology.”

I would like to emphasize the value of acting now:  We aren’t getting any younger.  Sure we might make mistakes along the way, but that’s better than taking no action at all.

Having and raising children is a unique part of the human experience.  I am ready to start that journey now and hopefully we can live long enough to experience the birth of our first grandchild together.

Call/text Neel: 832-713-6335    Email:  [email protected]

🙂  Organic Food

Things We’ll Grow (organically, hydroponically and in an automated fashion for both internal use and profit):  industrial hemp, strawberries, pineapples, herbs, yellow squash, chilli peppers, olives, japanese eggplant, watermelon, kale, spinach, greens, micro greens, coffee, teas, stevia sweetener, miracle fruit, to name a few…

Growing Sense:  Being skilled in selecting good quality produce and actually cooking with produce is the first step to knowing what to grow and how much of it to grow.  I have developed a method of cooking carbs (rice, quinoa, coocoos, etc), protein, and vegetables as seen in the picture shown.  There are literally millions of combinations of dishes that can be made from my system.  This is how we know how much of each plant to grow for each person.  For example if we use 1 garlic bulb per day as a couple then we need to have 90 garlic bulbs growing at one given moment in time because the garlic takes 90 days to mature.  Daily hydroponically grown salad greens (kale, spinach, lettuce, rubarb, etc) we only 28 of those setups to have fresh salad greens for two people for everyday.  So on and so forth…

Free Food:  Look at soup kitchens — they aren’t even trying and they form  unintentional communities in towns all across America for homeless and disaster victims (it’s the food, not the plight… or is it both?  🤔).  We will get our food from growing it, foraging for it and buying whatever else we need.  To supplement our crops to feed the many people of the colony, I have a way to feed up to a few thousands of people for a fixed cost of about $300/day which is the guestimated fuel, equipment, and labor cost to pick up perfectly good, tasty, nutritious food from grocery stores, and farms that will be throwing it away for very luxurious reasons such as “imprefectly formed”, or they just changed brands, or it was the last piece of that produce on the shelf (statistically rarely gets purchased due to psychological bias that there might be something wrong with it).  The estimated amount of food waste in America is 25% (France it’s illegal).  So for every 100K people within our pickup radius enough food is wasted to feed 25K people.  We only need to capture a small percentage of wasted food to feed an enormous amount of people.  So we will get all of that free food from a fixed radius;  feed tons of people; and freeze dry the surplus.

Call/text Neel: 832-713-6335    Email:  [email protected]

 Camper Van Minibus Fleet & Destinations

I have lived van life for 2 years 8 months straight.  I have been border to border and coast to coast.  From deserts to beaches, to 12K’ above the clouds on the tundra.  There is a hidden magical world that can only be fully accessed and appreciated via camper van or mini school bus.

Camper Van/Mini School Bus:  sink, stove, fridge, toilet (no flies, no odors — amazing!), shower, bed, battery bank, internet, climate control

Places I’ve been in the United States that we will go to in the convoy that will blow your mind but you’ve probably never heard of:

The Great Dunes National Park: — At about 2 miles above sea level in a valley in the clouds is a sea of sand dunes taller than almost every building in the United States.  From one spot there you can see snow capped mountains, bare rocky mountains, green mountains, sand dunes, and liquid running water.  The night skies at this location are full of colors, nebulas, planets and shooting stars.

Coral Castle:  — This is a megalithic structure similar to Stone Henge, Statues of Easter Island, Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Pichu, etc.  It has similar geomagnetic phenomenon as those other sites.  How it differs though is that this one is in the United States, and was built by one man between 1920-1940.  It’s located 10 miles north of Homestead Florida and is one of the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle.  I learned about this place (and a few other rabbit holes) originally from my friend’s biker hippie dad, Ron, in 1998.  I visited this place in person in 2006.  No one to this day knows how it was build or can replicate what he did.  I believe I will solve how this and every other megalithic stone structure in the world was built.

Grand Mesa/Book Cliffs:  I have seen Grand Mesa from the perspective of the base called Book Cliffs.  This is an expedition we can take together to the top in the mobile fleet.  The top is a nothing less than a magical world.  Two miles into the clouds at 11,300′ is the world’s largest and highest plateau consisting of over 500 square miles of a wide variety of terrain including over 300 lakes.  Some of the lakes are so big they have islands in them.  The drop off’s around the rim of this plateau are over a 1 mile straight down.

Aurora Borealis:  I have never experienced this, but I would like to fully enjoy and party with our convoy under the largest natural party lights.  Imagine the energy when we are together enjoying the worlds largest discotek with all the creatures within potentially hundreds and thousands of square miles.  I wonder if there are any benefits to conceiving during an ion storm such as the Northern Lights.

Please message me if you have something to say about one of these places or a place you would like to suggest.

Call/text Neel: 832-713-6335    Email:  [email protected]

🙂  Real Estate

We have a few options.  One is to purchase a portion of a small town and build concrete tiny homes.  The other option is that we purchase a school house which offers an incredible amount of square footage and rooms.

Independent Property Ownership in Small Town:

Pros:  The zoning is flexible and allows for tiny homes and there is city water, sewer, electric, natural gas and ultra high-speed fiber internet available on each city lot.  Most roads are paved.  The town has a post office, 24 hour gas station, and is about 1 hour from the nearest organic grocery storeFedEx, UPS and Amazon will deliver to your city lot.  There are about 900 mostly conservative residents in the town already and around 30 tiny homes already there.  A major advantage of this town is that one can actually own your own city lot for less than $5K and it’s legal to build a tiny home (container homes are also welcome as well as some experimental architecture) in the vicinity of other community seekers and if we’re all living near each other isn’t that a community?   Also, if you own your own land then you’ll feel more free and you’ll be able to invest yourself fully in your residence — also, it gives you the power to join in the community as an equal and on your own terms vs on a probationary status based on the property owner’s terms. because they own all the property and they get to make all the rules.  You are legally allowed to have solar and wind power with no requirement to connect to public electricity.  You are legally allowed to grow CBD hemp and produce for profit or fun and raise chickens/livestock on your own city lot and wild turkeys, deer, hogs, and other wild presumably organic wild game roam everywhere just outside of city limits.  It doesn’t matter that the soil is low quality because we’ll be growing food hydroponically and in an automated fashion.  If you’re vegan you can make sure there is no animal products on your property because you’ll own it.  The town is ripe with opportunity to open an organic food store, yoga studio and a restaurant and bring other modern conveniences in in which you’ll get 100% of the market share in that town for any business you start (as well as from the neighboring towns that down have even a gas station).  Hired labor is cheap and readily available and the existing towns people seem to be high integrity.  Also, the city council, head of chamber of commerce, zoning and code enforcement and mayor, whom I’ve met personally have been easy to reach and open to new ideas.  It’s as simple as making a phonecall and having the item listed on the City Council Agenda which will be posted on the door and on the website to be heard and decided on in the next meeting (they just had hearing on Earth bag homes for example).

Cons:  The town needs a larger pool of health minded progressives to cultivate friendships and sustain a social culture (hopefully this ad solves that part) where people want to stay in the town.  Also, the town has a stray dog/cat problem but fortunately most of these dogs are pretty cute and friendly (other similar small towns the dogs have ‘formed  packs and have had a taste of blood’ and murder other dogs as their townspeople will tell you); and as with many rural towns there is some meth usage and insufficient manpower to stop it; there are allot of churches and religious people;  and the majority of the existing towns people are not health conscience (but are some ways are mentally healthy because they already have strong community and they haven’t had some of the finer things in life to miss them) but for the most part they are real nice people and many of them are experienced farmers and highly capable people.  The taxes are high at 3.4% and there is a mandatory water, sewer, garbage bill of $81/month for every tiny home (includes 3,000 gallons water/month) which can be suspended if you are gone longer than 6 months for extended travel away.  There is no recycling program (this is actually a huge plus because of the opportunity it represents for free material to be ground up for use as filler aggregate in our insulated concrete bricks and also convert the plastic back into usable oil/fuel/hydrocarbons through thermal depolymerization — simple/cheap process).  The closest concrete plant, skatepark, big box store, organic grocery store, etc is 1 hour away.  In the not too distant past a highly evolved, highly intelligent, articulate, freakishly athletic super human tried to move to the town.  The towns people were freaked out seeing him doing parkour (ie running up walls, etc), he didn’t suffer fools easily, and he pressed the town for rules they didn’t yet have in place which caused them to be frustrated and ran him off in a somewhat hostile way.  On the upside, the previously sheltered town’s people are now aware of what is humanly possible and the benchmark for it has been set pretty high and the rules are now well defined so it’s easier to move forward with confidence.  There are no composting toilets allowed and flush toilets are required in city limits and you probably won’t be able to build your dream home from human dung plaster but that still leaves allot of options open.  The cost to get some resources to the town is a little bit higher and the closest medical facilities are 40 min. drive but an emergency airlift helicopter is 13 miles away in the county seat.  The town isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s cheap and the barrier to entry is low enough for everyone to have their own property ownership.

If you would like to know the name of the town to do more research call or text me.  You may do your own research and find a parcel cheaper and/or independently of me in which case great, hope to see you there.  I am not disclosing this town directly in this post as national publicity for this town’s flexible zoning laws in the past has invited predatory investors that purchased much of the land having never set foot in the town and not bringing value to the town either.  This made the parcels extremely scarce and drove the cost up (in the not too distant past city lots were around $500).  Since the parcels are scarce, when one meets the criteria it will be re-parceled by my surveyor into smaller tiny home lots, and you will be part of a tiny home village.  If you choose to find your own parcel then you will still be within .6 miles walking distance of everyone else in the town.

Other Fees:  The transaction will be conducted through a title company in which you will be required to purchase title insurance from them for $328, and you will receive a warranty deed filed with the county, and a land survey from a certified land surveyor $1200.  The connection charge at the time of this writing for connecting to city water/sewer tap including deposit is $1100 (required by city), and the charge to connect to natural gas tap is $600 including deposit (no requirement).

Growing Hemp for Fun/Profit/Utility:  There are also state licensing fees to start growing CBD hemp that total about $600/year for a two strain, two-person operation. Unlike THC Delta 9 Cannabis Strains there are no limits to the number of hemp plants allowed and you’re legally permitted to sell or give away any amount you choose.  One person can manage 1500+ plants through hydroponic automation.  The cannabis industry is in its infancy and the demand is only getting bigger.  The wholesale value of 1 pound of CBD raw flower is approx. $165 and only goes up from there if it is processed into products.  We can use the stems to make ‘hempcrete’ concrete blocks.  There is no residency requirement to grow industrial hemp in this region which means this town would be a great place to prototype our system and then expand to other states and jurisdictions.

Cash Purchase of School Building

By purchasing an existing school building in a rural town we can hit the ground running and serve all of our immediate needs from sleeping, showers, gyms, parking lots, fields, playgrounds, break rooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, offices, auditoriums, classrooms, storage, massive indoor vertical farming, and anything else we would want to do.  I am finding affordable school houses as large as 30,000 square feet.  In this case I will purchase the entire building and each person could lease a portion of the building/facility.  Or alternatively we architect a Tenants in Common ownership using a corporate entity that we instatiate.

These options would be a great incubators for our intentional community while giving everyone ownership and control of their personal private space but in the vicinity of other ‘like minded people’.  If we budget correctly we can purchase some used heavy machinery like a backhoe, tractor, skid steer and semi truck, concrete pump, and new portable saw mill, CNC router table, etc  Which we can all use to develop and build on our own parcels quickly and efficiently and also build community parks, sauna, game room, club house, etc.

Call/text Neel: 832-713-6335    Email:  [email protected]

🙂  Miscellaneous Musings

Apocalypse Scenario/Singularity/Golden Age:  Somethings are inevitable such as natural disasters, political unrest, climate change and the singularity.  However, the technological singularity is the moment machine intelligence reaches human level intelligence (at which point the human contribution will be insignificant and the machine will improve upon it’s own intelligence at an exponential rate).  This process is referred to as the arrival of the artificial super intelligence (ASI) — which will be the single most impactful event for our species and there shall exist an omniscient presence the Earth and our species will have ever known.  We can’t even fathom it’s intelligence and capabilities or it’s intentions.  This is probably the hardest scenario to prep for, if it’s our ally it can help us prep for everything that may ever be (including but not limited to the ability to grant us immortality through cracking our genetic code to suspend aging — which is something we can do through bioinformatics combined with deep machine learning if given enough human genome sequences correlated with the correct biometric data and can implement using CRISPR).  If the interests of the ASI are not aligned with ours then we may be forced to merge with it.  Maybe it will regard our community as it’s creator if we are the first to reach artificial general intelligence.  Either way, creating it or trying to survive it are both prepping and we need to be doing both.  As we get closer to its arrival there will be a golden age of enormous and increasing prosperity and abundance as we benefit from the advancements in machine learning.  We are in that golden age now…

Technology/Artificial Intelligence/Automation:  We will use artificial intelligence.  We will create our own models as well as take advantage of that growing number of useful pretrained models.  Examples are pre-trained neural networks (YOLO, Inception, Imagenet, etc)  for object detection/identification/classification; person identification/verification; pose estimation; gender/expression.  Our automated drone patrol, and all of our security camera feeds will be passed to these object detection systems to identify people, animals, vehicles, etc and filter the data for what’s relevant.  We will automated our food grow with up to the second time lapse footage for each plant correlated to human interventions such as adjustment of nutrients — after a couple of cycles of this we will have enough data to train a deep neural net to grow the next set of crops with even less human intervention (basically just germinate and install  root net in hydroponic stand).  Eventually we will be even able to automate the germination process and will be able to automate the harvest using computer vision, image classification, and robotics.   We’ll have the best mood lighting utilizing the state of the art in individuallly addressable and programmable RGB+W LED’s — centrally controlled for amusement theme park Las Vegas class lighting displays.  I’m expert in all matters of applied science, electronics, machine intelligence, robotics, etc.  We will have greater abundance (can sustain more people), greater security and supreme quality produce with fewer amount of inputs and the least amount of human intervention.

Gov’ment Names/Uniforms/Walkie-Talkies:  There is value of training ourselves to respond to new nicknames we make up for ourselves to help us program ourselves for our new lives in our colony.  The moratorium on new nicknames containing the words “star, moon, sun, flower, or child” has been lifted. Uniforms or a dress code color will give us psychological cohesiveness and also signal to others we are operating as a group.  We’ll increase our effectiveness as a group through the use of walkie talkies when practical.  Walkie talkies unlike cellphones work in mountains, canyons, caves, and the like for exploration missions and for van life convoys.  Walkie talkies keep connectedness in a large campus or convoy while maintaining privacy and autonomy when only listening and not transmitting.  It’s a way to reach our whole group at once whether at home or in the field and the message is delivered faster than you can instantiate a cellphone call.  They will work even if the whole grid goes down.  To be clear: we will also use cellphones.

Standard of Living:  Our bare minimum standard of living for each adult will include climate controlled interior space; hot and cold running water; electricity; internet access; shower; toilet; kitchen with cold food storage.

Pets/Animal Allies:  Dogs are welcome.  Cats are the primary hosts for the parasite Toxoplasmosis Gondii which is a mind control parasite and is responsible for crazy cat lady syndrome.  It can also cause birth defects in humans and are not welcome except in the context of outdoor pest control.  Cats are not to come in contact with the humans, our habitats, or animals in our colony.  We shall keep homing pigeons that can relay messages and small cargo back to our homestead without the aid of the grid.  If you are skilled in bird handling or a licensed falconer/apprentice(s) please come forth as well as anyone who is skilled in handling animals in general.

Want a buddy?  Be a buddy:  If you have interest/expertise in a particular area that I find interesting/fun/practical then within short order I can learn about it and we can talk/play in that subject together.  What else are you hoping for that you need from a community?  If that quality or interested person isn’t within me, we can recruit for it so you have a friend in the community and on the campus that you can chum around with.

Call/text Neel: 832-713-6335    Email:  [email protected]

🙂  About Me

I’m not perfect.  In fact, I have many challenges.  However, I have been gifted with extraordinary intelligence, talent, and vision.

I’m a fit, active, healthy, 42 year old heterosexual former manchild (recently graduated to late bloomer).   I am as free as a bird with virtually and low geographic ties and lots of free time and I can make/build anything.  I have lived van-life fulltime for almost 3 years straight and have been coast to coast and border to border; oceans, rivers, deserts, rainforest, tundra, 12K’+, major cities, rural areas, etc.

Relationship history: I have been mutually in love 4 times in my entire life.   I have co-habitated with 3 women fulltime on a long term basis. I experienced these relationships as serial monogamy. I do not maintain contact with any of those women.  I’m 100% emotionally and physically available and capable of producing attachment hormones and mate bonding.

Primary love language: Physical touch and quality time are my primary love languages for both “speaking” and “listening”.

Hobbies/interests (included but not limited to):  Building things, Cooking, Robotics, 3d printing, bike riding, bmx, woodworking, welding, concrete (artisan, sculpting, structural), computer programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, making electronics (Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi), sculpting, real estate, growing food in automated fashion, hydroponics, prepping (it’s fun and makes good sense), kombucha leather and hytufta pots, sustainable living, learning new languages, foraging, science and experimenting in general, philosophizing about the origins of our existence/consciousness, dogs, watching documentaries, TED talks, etc, nature hikes, travel, vanlife

Music:  I can appreciate all kinds of music, genres, languages, etc.  My default vibe and music for daily celebration is best captured by the genre called LoFi.  Fresh music is essential.  I enjoy learning to play musical instruments and making music.  I chill hard and can get really immersed in music.  Feel free to text me a link to song you think I might like.

Diet:  I’m a foodie and take great pleasure in all aspects of food.  I eat mostly organic.  I love trying new foods, flavors, aromas, etc.  I am currently not vegan, but I respect the vegan way.  I am okay with our child adopting the vegan/omnivore preference of the mother.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math:  I get a brain boner for all matters in these subjects and I am constantly endeavoring in applications there of.  If you love computer/data science, chemistry, physics, math, machine learning, robotics, etc then we could be BFF’s.

Books:  I read mostly non-fiction.  Fact is truly more interesting than fiction.  Even so, I do have some fiction favs from many years ago.  I read books based on a need or my general interests which include books on interpersonal relationships, and self improvement.  Message me to find out my top book suggestion and the most profound book of all time.

Movies/Documentaries/Videos:  I prefer watch documentaries on a vast array of subjects.  I also like fiction movies if it has a good story.  In general I like media  that is funny, inspirational, thought provoking, or educational.

Humour:  It might be hard to tell from this post, but I am hysterically funny and have broad spectrum of humor.  I’m willing to make a fool of myself for general entertainment purposes.  There was some humor disguised as social retardation in this post.

Mentors:  I am thankful that my curiosity, initiative to take action, and precocious nature help me to secure mentorship early in life.  My parents purchased a computer in 1986 to ‘keep up with the Jones'”.  One year after I wrote my first computer program in GW-BASIC in 1987, I acquired my first mentor, my friend’s now late father (who raised 10 kids he adopted of which only 3 were biologically his) and NASA scientist, for computer science at the age of 9 in 1988.  I acquired 3 more mentors by 1991 for computer sciences.  I continued to find mentorship in electronics from HAM/CB radio operators, technicians and hobbyist.  In 1997, at the age of 18, I made my first computer hardware peripheral using a parallel interface in which I was able to control 8 real world devices and do precision motor control.  I have continued to build upon this and I am now masterful with designing and implementing control systems to control virtually anything and everything in the real world.  My parents divorce in 1989 brought into my life my friend of over 31 years, Paul, the ex-husband of my dad’s second wife, a retired mechanical engineer who had a passion for cars and all things engineering.   It is for this reason that I am master mechanic and was able to change my engine cylinder heads, head gasket, intake manifold gaskets on a V-6 (two cylinder heads) in 15.5 hours in a parking lot in the high desert in the middle of the summer with only basic tools, a breaker bar, and torque wrench.  In 2004 I met my friend and chemistry mentor from Egypt, Mohamed, a scientist, fellow inventor, chemist, artist, experimental pilot, world traveler, and sailor who is now 87 years old and still doing things like sailing solo to islands off the coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Of all the subjects mentioned in this section chemistry is the only one I have any formal education in which I started in 2010.    I understand the incredible value of mentorship and I am eager for pupils, proteges, apprentices so I can pay it forward.

Call/text Neel: 832-713-6335    Email:  [email protected]

🙂  Picture Captions:

The pictures are of stuff I made.  Message me for pictures of me.

  1. Food I made with fresh produce, speed culinary style — it only took me about 15 min. human intervention to make that dish including the flower garnished yellow bell pepper.  Knowing how to cook with produce is the pre-requisite to growing your own food.
  2. “Reaching out”, self-portrait perspective illusion.  Everyone is physiologically capable of drawing with realistic resemblance and I can unlock this ability within anyone within 4 days.  Call me if you want to know the name of the book to learn how to do this.
  3. Graphics arts.
  4. Mini greenhouse I designed, built and marketed in 2009
  5. One of my sand sculptures; I used seaweed for hair.  My sand sculptures draw crowds and people want their picture taken with me.
  6. Self portrait Circa 2005 in pastel.
  7. Designing and building electronic circuits for robotic automation.
  8. Late night in the lab
  9.  10. 11. Anamorphic Stool Illusion, for fun and proof of concept
  10. Gumbo, is a dish that requires allot of time to make because the roux can’t be rushed or the whole dish will have a burnt taste.  It’s a fun dish to cook with two people.  The garnish was made by slightly over cooking rice to make it sticky and forming it into a ball.  Then cut green onion on the oblong and put a dash of pepper or paprika for color.
  11. Electronic circuits I made.
  12. “Nurturing a Flame” — Self portrait in pastel Circa 2005.
  13. Reaching Out” self portrait illusion Circa 2005
  14. Self portrait in pastel Circa 2005

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