ISO Girlfriend, Platonic Co-Parent

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Seeking Love

Butterflies, Tingles, Insatiable Desire…

I am searching for a girlfriend with lots of free time who is generous with hugs and cuddles and wants to indulge in a fully connected relationship.

I’m not perfect but I’m fit, smart and creative and amongst the most capable people to have ever lived. I made all of the stuff you see in the pictures above (with the exception of the tiny home). I like to ride my bmx bike, go on nature hikes, travel adventures, listen to lofi music, watch documentaries and make stuff.

I value clean hands/air/water; tasty mostly organic food; nice scenery; healthy physical activity; sustainable living; homesteading; science; transparency.

I like dogs, but I don’t have any.

My primary love languages:  Physical Touch and Quality Time

Message me if you think we might be compatible or you would just like to chat.


ISO Platonic Co-Parent for Platonic Co-parenting

 Child > We > Me

I want to have children for the purpose of having and raising extraordinary children in a platonic co-parenting situation.

In this context a romantic relationship (which would be welcomed) would be secondary to the primary purpose of having and raising children in a cooperative manner.

The best way to build our ideal community is to make our ideal community and program them with our values and knowledge.

The global population is collapsing.  The only countries that are maintaining a birth rate above 2.1 (the number required to maintain a population) are in Africa, India and the Middle East.  All other countries are far below this number including the United States.

People talk smack about “too many people on the planet” and “I’ll just adopt”  which is out of touch with what is actually happening.  If that is your actual impression of the current state of affairs its probably because people are concentrated in the major cities and also the existing population is aging, but there are very few new births. (Yes, there are too many people who are not living in a sustainable way.)

Impurities such as plastics, chemicals, and pesticides and the high stress lifestyle and social isolation is causing for sperm counts to decrease which is further exacerbating the problem.

People coming from broken homes and dysfunctional families don’t want to relive the drama by having children.

Women are more interested in their careers and social status and most adult men  are stuck in adolescence playing video games and working menial jobs insufficient to support a family and lack basic life skills like being able to change a car tire (much less repair their own car).  As a result women have become more masculine and men have become emasculated.

Population collapse means economic collapse.  It means abandoned buildings and dependence on robots (at best) for end of life care.  It means not enough taxes or labor to maintain roads, and bridges.

The solution is for us to come together and to heal each other from our less than fairy-tale upbringings.  Create a sustainable community and a new narrative to have and perpetuate children outside of the outdated religious context that facilitated child rearing in the past (and currently maintaining what remains in the few countries that are still above the 2.1 birthrate).

Having children and finding romantic companionship is my single most important goal in life.

Message me and let’s talk!



ISO Lonely (but otherwise healthy) People Starving for Connection

Loneliness can kill.  It can cause heart disease and obviously depression — both of which can be deadly.  We all recognize we are in a loneliness pandemic.  More so than ever before in history are people socially isolated.

Reach out to test our friendship compatibility.  At the very least, I can offer an ear; a book/video/movie/song suggestion; try to connect you with someone else that I think you might be compatible friends with; or offer some coaching specific to you to overcome any social anxiety you may have so you can reach out to people in person in your geographic region as a sustainable way for you to get enough social stimulus to keep you going until you find/built the tribe where you feel you belong.

To be clear: that I don’t have the bandwidth for people who have been “diagnosed” and labeled by a “psychiatrist/psychologist” with a “mental illness”.  Psychiatry is mostly fraud.  It’s not real science nor is it real medicine.  People who accept life long labels for such are mis-hypnotized to act and behave in a way that fits their ‘diagnosis’.

Outside of a healthy organic diet, regular exercise, affection and self discipline; the strongest indicator of emotional well being is the quality and stability of social relationships a person has.  If this is what you’re seeking then reach out to me.


Calling All Preppers!!

Here is the “crazy” y’all came here for…  LOL

Preppers who have been waiting the apocalyptic future… The deadline is upon us to prep with fervency NOW!

Global supply chains are broken and more are breaking daily.

There are agendas within agendas.  Conspiracy facts within the theories..

We have invasive species everywhere.  Kudzoo, poplar trees and other invasive plant species are choking out native plant species at an insanely fast rate.  In many southern states there are fulltime Kudzoo eratication crews.  There is an invasive fungus species killing off bananas and natural rubber trees.  There are over 5000 ranches in Texas that have stock piled large African wild game which will eventually be roaming the entire US once their perimeter containment systems fail.  One of which boasts of over 300,000 of one species!!  They will be trampling and consuming native grasslands which will accelerate desertification which will further increase the rate of climate change.

Invasive bird species like the English House sparrow are  killing native birds such as blue birds and purple martins.  Look up about this bird, you see them everywhere.  It’s the most common bird you’ll see in and around homes and businesses.  This little birds are little bullies and they literally decapitate and mutilate other birds and live in their homes.

The Asian carp is doing something similar in our waterways and making a mono culture of fish in America’s rivers and fresh water bodies.

Pythons have been introduced into the everglades and have no natural predators there and are eating all the wildlife.

Lionfish have taken over fish reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Great Pacific Garbage patch is twice the size of Texas.  The plastic there has disintegrated into very small particles that are entering the food chain by filter feeders that are unable to distinguish the particles from natural plankton.

Temperatures are rising and the highest regional temperatures have broken all time records in 6 of the last 7 years!!  There is “sunny day flooding” up to 84 days out of the year from high tide. This is happening now on the East Coastin Miami, Charleston, Norfolk, Atlantic City.

We have some buffer of ice absorbing tons of heat so we really aren’t feeling the true impact of climate extremes yet.  Once all the ice is melted the temperatures will rise dramatically.  This energy is called the “heat of fusion”.  In relation to sea ice melting it’s the energy required for a H2O to go from solid ice at 0 degrees Celcius to liquid water at 0 degrees Celcius.  So this is a significant amount of heat energy that people aren’t talking about having to endure once all the ice has melted.  Not to mention the ice currently reflects allot of radiation back into space which will also be gone so theoretically there will be more to absorb.

Currencies are destabilizing and hyper inflating.

Bees are dying off which means flowering wild plants will  not get pollinated and die off. It raises the cost for each blueberry and almond because bees have to touch every flower that forms a berry/fruit/vegatble/almond/etc.  Imagine the labor costs to do hundreds of billions of each of these.  (Obviously, machine learning and automation will have to be, but it’s not as scalable or sustainable as farming bees).  We don’t notice the effects of this yet because we still have some bees.

Bats another pollinator are being plagued by a fungus.  Bats have lifespans in and around the 30-40 years range.

Farmed chickens compromise of 70% of all bird biomass on the planet!!  Humans + livestock account for 90% of all mammal animal mass of the entire planet — only 4% is every other mammal from mice to elephants.  I just learned this from a David Attenborough documentary.

The arrival of the super AI and the moment of the singularity is soon to be upon us (if not yet already here and lying dormant waiting it’s optimal time to reveal itself).  We are under mass surveillance by big tech and nation states.  Entire nations like China and Russian are already under 100% surviellance and control.  The skies are becoming saturated with drones many of which may be weaponized in the future.

The window to obtain things in preparation for the post apocalyptic future is NOW.  The time to develop protocols to protect what will remain of our species is NOW.

Prepping can be fun, too.

Don’t delay!!  We need science minded people, warrior allies, supplies and wombs.  We need to prep our bases, technology, bunkers, bugout vehicles, bugout boats, food rations, etc.  Message me immediately!!

Real talk:  This isn’t an invitation for crazy (unmanageable and impractical people) to respond.  This stuff is really happening and most sensible and moderately informed people can add countless other things to this list.  Stop being complacent and indecisive and join now and help build the compound and stock supplies because later there won’t be enough rations and space for people knocking on the bunker/compound doors after the fact.  If you’re contaminated with lets say radioactive waste then you will be moved away from our bunker doors and quarantined via mechanical means.  It’s not personal.  It will be protocol.  Protocol will prioritize the health and safety of our existing colony members and our progeny.



I admire your dietary discipline and compassion for the animals and desire to minimize carbon foot print.  I would consider adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle to live in harmony with each other and with the animals.




40′ x 50′ city lot with full utilities access and road frontage $12K

I have purchased the most historical tiny home and land in the United States (pictured is the first legal tiny home in the United States 84 square feet).  It was the first tiny home in the first tiny home friendly city in the nation and there is almost no national corporate influence there.   It sits on a half acre.  There is a 24 hour gas station, and a non-organic food grocery store (organic food and major university town with medical college only 71 miles away).

I have 24,000 square feet of land and no limit to the number of tiny homes I can put on the land.  I think 12 to 20 would be a comfortable number where everyone would have enough peace and quiet and privacy.

If you want to be part of a community but also maintain your own personal space, privacy, and freedom to opt out and back in when/if you feel like it then this would be a good option for you.  I want to keep this place charming and inviting with footpaths, coves, park benches and gardens between the tiny homes and the vehicles will be parked in a designated area.

The only minor catch is that there is a mandatory fee of $81/month per tiny home by the city for water, sewer, and garbage collection, and you would be required to remove the axles and wheels on your tiny home (if it has them) and anchor it on a 6″ thick concrete slab (then skirt it) and also use a flush toilet (city requirement; less than $200 with fittings and only couple hours additional installation).  They do this so the county can tax you at their 3.4% tax rate.  However, there is allot of value with paved roads, maintainence and infrastructure and customer service from county and city officials is top notch.  Also, everyone in the town gossips and knows everyone’s business — it’s comical.  The monthly fee can be suspended if you will be traveling away for an extended period (ie greater than 4 months or so).

Chickens are allowed with permit; food grow allowed, hemp/CBD grow allowed with $300 license; Texas cottage food business law allows to sell certain food (canned, baked, pickled, and candy — safe at room temps food basically) from home up to $50K/year; Internet is impressive enough that it’s suitable for a data center.


                                                                                                                                1. city water (good for shower, toilet, plants, dishes but natural spring nearby to collect drinking water) $600 city connection includes deposit per tiny home































































































                                                                                                                                1. city sewer ($500 city connection fee per tiny home)































































































                                                                                                                                1. garbage collection ($81/month mandatory bill includes 3K gallon water + sewer)































































































                                                                                                                                1. electricity available from 76 vendors priced down to 7.4 cents/KWh (I have heard $1/Megawatt is possible but haven’t verified yet); Grid renewable available via solar and wind.  Also you can do independent solar, wind, generator, none without penalty.































































































                                                                                                                                1. high-speed fiber optic internet $60-90/month for up to 100Mbps download/50Mpbs upload































































































                                                                                                                                1. Natural Gas (for ultra cheap heating) $500 one time city connection charge.
































































































                                                                                                                                1. Town is only 1.6 square miles, you don’t need a car to walk the whole town.  For the most part the town feels like a quiet neighborhood — a little bit like the Truman show (the movie).































































































                                                                                                                                1. The town has a post office. FedEx, UPS, and Amazon will deliver to your door































































































                                                                                                                                1. The town has 2 gas stations.  One of them is 24 hours.































































































                                                                                                                                1. The town has a grocery store.  The food isn’t organic, and the produce not that fresh, but it’s better than no grocery store.































































































                                                                                                                                1. The town has it’s own newspaper, and hardware store.































































































                                                                                                                                1. The downtown strip looks great at night time.  Although lacking in activity (but won’t be after we settle the town).































































































                                                                                                                                1. There is only one major national corporate influence in town which a small retail store which is great to have for convenience.































































































                                                                                                                                1. The town gossips like crazy, but that is good for security.































































































                                                                                                                                1. We’ll have walkie talkies within our community but also the neighborhood watch in the town is getting them anyway which we are a part of.































































































                                                                                                                                1. There are about 30 other tiny homes in the town.































































































                                                                                                                                1. This was the first tiny home friendly city in the nation featured on national and international news.































































































In other words it costs $1600 setup charge to connect to city utilities for water, sewer, and natural gas.  Connect meaning digging a trench and running pipes from your tiny home to the city pipes.

The electricity is so cheap there and the internet is so fast that a Canadian company is building a 125,000 square foot bitcoin mining facility in the same county.  (There were countless remote workers flocking to the region until speculative investors purchased all the available land for sale and are sitting on it.  )

I am considering to re-parcel (we have until about mid October to commit to the new plat layout when perimeter survey is complete) and selling plots with warranty deed, or long term land lease, work-exchange for lot rent.  I’m open to discuss any and all options.

The parcel sizes will be 40′ x 50′ and have road frontage for a driveway ($65 gravel installed from city) with full utilities access for $12K with warranty deed.   Three of these would fit to the left of the tiny house in the picture.  That’s 2000 square feet each.  If your tiny home is a large 8′ x 20′ then that is 160 square feet.  Which leaves 1840 square feet to do other things such as fence it in, have chicken coup or potentially other birds like homing pigeons, bee keeping, grow food, grow hemp, butterfly garden, etc.

Also, willing to go 30′ x 25′ on the lot sizes which would be 750 square feet of lot space.  After a 8′ x 20′ tiny home would leave 510 square feet.  A parking space big enough for a mini school bus would take about another 160 square feet.  This would leave 350 square feet of lawn.  A 5′ x 6′ picnic table will have a foot print of 30 square feet which would leave you still with 320 square feet of lawn.  If you chose to garden using 5 gallon buckets you could have 160 of them and still have 160 square feet left — for parking for your guest/partner.

Whoever is interested in a parcel needs to let me know before the platt is finalized (early November 2021 probably).  Also, you will be required to place or build a tiny home on the lot within a finite period of time after your purchase of the lot.

The alternative model to selling the parcels is that I provide a long term land lease which includes taxes based on the county appraised value of your home.  The advantage here is that we don’t have to have square parcels lined up with the road and all the tiny homes can be together in an enchanted village and oriented feng shui for maximum privacy and aesthetics with walking paths and coves and flower beds and food growing in between them.  With this model we can keep our bulky and ugly vehicles in a designated parking area, and have centralized shared amenitites:

sauna, hot tub, conference room with white boards and projector, maker space with 3d printers, and cnc machines, game room with pool table, gazebo, gym with free weights and cable machines, and large mirrors; swimming pool; fish hatchery; apiary, aviary for chickens and homing pigeons; pottery station and potting bench; washer room; storage building for lawn and garden equipment; mini backyard metal foundry (town doesn’t recycle so tons of aluminum cans from 2K people everyday) etc.

You’ll still own your tiny home and have your autonomy, but in this way the space can keep an enchanted and inviting feel and will be more like a resort and cultivate shared spaces.

Work Exchange for lot rent for your tiny home would include cutting the grass, trimming around the landscape curbs, and harvesting produce and taking care of the campus chickens and eggs when the time comes and also the campus amenities.

This is about as good as a community of “like minded people” gets — plus you’ll be able to retain your autonomy and no one is going to make you read a 1000 page manifesto and hold hands to sing koombiah 3 times a day!

It’s possible I can even help you transport your tiny home to the property either logistically or physically and set it up.

Message me!!