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Family of 5 seeking to find peace

by Anje Duckels
Seeking Community

We are a happy and hardy group of 5 (2 Moms and 3 kiddos) humans and our familiars looking for a working community to join and make family. We offer all sorts of skills both old world and new as well as resources for the right situation. We are currently in Florida and would generally prefer to stay out of the very deep long snow of the North but are willing to travel for our right place. For us that means egalitarian, feminist, left leaning and a good bit of wildling. We rarely wear shoes, don’t bother with public school but value education as part of spiritual contract we all have with ourselves. We like to build, learn new things and really love each other. Please text, call, or email if you have spot for us. We all can stay in only 2 rooms so just that and a bit of earth. Mad love.

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