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experienced community member seeking SF Bay Area co-housing

by Gary Hlady
Seeking Community
Oakland, CA

I am a 68 year old retired public health physician, with 6 years experience in the largest intentional community in the US (The Farm, Summertown, TN) and 5 years with a smaller community of about two dozen households (Grassroots Community, Tallahassee, FL).  In addition, I have cross-cultural experience living and working in Bangladesh (4 years) and India (6 years).  I grew up in the Chicago area and have been living in Oakland, CA since 2004.  I remain very active with hiking, biking, swimming, sailing, and tabla (Indian drums) playing, which I studied for 5 years while in India.

I am hoping to find a co-housing opportunity in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am confident in my ability to integrate with almost any community of like-minded individuals.




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