Empowering Gifts and Addressing Needs – May 15, 2019 – August 30, 2019

by Hoot Williams
Opportunities, Jobs, Internships, Business
Sullivan County, New York

Hoot’s Roost, Catskills is seeking short-term Community Servants, Healers, and Landworkers to trade for Residency and Community Supports.

WHERE? Hoot’s Roost, Catskills is located in Woodbourne, NY – Sullivan County – in the southern foothills of the Catskill Mountain Park. This area is also a Hasidim summer camp country, and there are delicious seasonal specialty markets in the area.

About Society of Believer’s – Hoot’s Roost, Inc.

The Reunited Society of Believers – Hoot’s Roost Inc. is a gift-based community of service. Hoot Williams has founded this not-for-profit organization gathered around the spiritual ethos and principles of reformed Shaker theology. This Order is dedicated to helping people and communities grow in Spirit, encouraging inclusiveness, and celebrating diversity.

The Society of Believers is cultivating spiritual growth for individuals and communities. Through its 5-H Gift Model™- a praxis of Hospitality | Healing | Home | Heart | Harmony – the 5 H’s are central to our service in the world. The 5-H Club™ equips individuals to identify and activate their unique spiritual gifts while concurrently addressing real human needs in small Homegroups℠ that provide evidence-based supports and psychoeducation.   

Hoot’s Roost opened its doors in Philadelphia, PA in 2014 as a hospitality service provider of short-term guest accommodations through Airbnb. We incorporated in 2018, and are now entering our 5th year and opening a new, rustic “Camp Meeting” location in the Catskills, Sullivan County.

Hoot’s Roost, Catskills

Our first goal is to regenerate the Land from the damage done by human activity. We envision this Land to be productive, ecologically independent, and a model for sustainable Land use. Our secondary objective is to develop a Model Tiny House Community by acquiring additional Land. We currently hold 2 acres with electric, well water, a 1000 sq. ft. centrally-heated mobile home, and tent platforms. We are developing a campsite with a 32’ three-season RV (currently on location) and creating two new listings on Airbnb and Hipcamp.

This Summer, Hoot will be writing and developing a summer program that includes interspiritual retreats with opportunities for a digital detox and creative recovery.

Community Goals & Internship Roles

Gifts of the Community

  • Strengthening literacy and clinical, therapeutic care through reading, writing, research
  • Music Ministries
    • SATB Singing
    • Piano Accompanying
    • Reading/Writing
  • The 5-H Gift Model™
  • Strong verbal, clinical, and interpretive insights and communication skills
  • Creative LIVE Events that utilize social networks, public performances
  • Focused on creative recovery and authentic self-expression
  • Developed proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite; GSuite: Docs, Sheets, Calendar & Email; Eventbrite; MailChimp; Smartbnb.io; PriceLabs; 17hats.com; Airbnb; WordPress; Canva; LivePlan; Foundation Center; GuideStar; Performance Improvement Processes
  • Trauma-informed – Sanctuary Model
  • Driven by creativity and encouraging the ability to work both cooperatively and independently, taking initiative on projects, understanding interdependence
  • A relaxed, non-judgemental environment of Ordered hospitality and explicit spirituality and experimental practices
  • Experimental/Experiential; gaining experience in a wide variety of vocational pursuits: communications, self-publishing, development – Diverse Gifts

Needs of the Community

  • Physical therapy and remediation & restoration of the Land and the Body
  • Alcohol-free and drug-free (420-friendly) with Zero (0) Visibility for Guests in Recovery
  • Commitment to non-violence, whether passive or aggressive
  • The founder is accepting of voluntary poverty in his ministry, yet the Wor(k)ship is under-supported, spread-thin
  • Articulation of the Shaker theological history and its reformation
  • Volunteers and collaborators, risk-takers, healers and bodyworkers
  • Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Arrangers, Writers, Artists & Publishers
  • Builders and Construction Workers
  • Inclusive, Queer, Matriarchal Spirituality
  • Angels, Philanthropists, and Eleemosynary Leadership

Worktrade (Beta) or Residency Opportunity

  • Are you interested in camping, conservancy, homesteading, landscaping, hospitality, spirituality, and/or music?
  • Do you have a project that you’ve always wanted to work on if you only had the time or space to do so?
  • Do you want to apply project-based learning, exercise Land stewardship, and participate in community-building activities?

Hoot’s Roost is excited to offer a personalized, hands-on opportunity for you to come Home to CampMeeting to both retreat for the summer season while greeting and developing your unique gift(s) in a supportive, queer, and trans-friendly environment.

This opportunity assumes you have already received the initial and specific training you need to create and/or implement your own gift-based project. This is an opportunity for you to develop your gifts while building practical skills. The idea is that through the community, we develop in integrity, experience interdependent relationships, and practice a Sustainable Life. We engage with critical thinking, eco-spirituality, and holistic self-care. And singing.

Many tasks are dependent on the season, but you can expect to be involved in some of the following activities:

Mapping & Site Assessment; Cleaning and seasonal remediation; Permaculture & Whole Systems Design; Greenhouse Management; Forest Gardening; Organic Practices; Flower Planting & Landscaping; Selling Community Goods at local markets that you curate; Quail husbandry; Kombucha production; Natural Building; Making Compost; Earthworks and Water Systems; Food Prep; Soil Building; Perennial and medicinal gardening; Observation and Evaluation; Care and proper use of Tools; Holistic Decision Making; Entrepreneurship & Running a Regenerative Business

Hoot is offering this opportunity to serve as a building block for your personal/spiritual development, to accelerate the improvement of our current Land uses, and to share in the experimental, collaborative work of building community. We want you to develop the skills and practice necessary to implement great ideas. You will also be hosting our short-term guests, supporting other community members, and helping volunteers to accumulate knowledge and skills that you will be able to share with us during your stay.

Option A. Roosting (Beta)

$300/month includes:

Room and Community Meals, utilities (including Wi-fi), trash removal, heat (if necessary) and hot water. Residents are not required to participate in the 10-15 hour weekly Wor(k)ship schedule of the Worktraders. All residents partake in 1-3 hours of weekly Commonwork, aka daily “chores” (or “delights,” depending on your preference). Clothes Washer Available.

Pet-friendly/No Smoking/Zero visibility Alcohol/Substance use.

Option B. Worktrading (Beta)

$NOTAFLOF (donation) includes:

Worktraders are Roosters who trade their Wor(k)ship for their Room and Board (including Common meals), utilities, wi-fi, trash & recycling removal, heat (if necessary) and hot water. Most meals will be co-organized in a shared kitchen with the other Roosters, Campers, and Faemily groups. The part-time work requirement is 10-15 per week of flexible Community Wor(k)ship, which is given on a schedule that allows you the freedom to seek other opportunities and/or more time to develop your own creative project(s) throughout the season. Clothes Washer Available.

Pet-friendly/No Smoking/Zero visibility Alcohol/Substance use.  

Core Benefits of Roosting and Worktrading

  • Summer camp and Outdoor Living Lifestyle with Abundant Nature. Building a Sustainable Community is the context of our Work in the world. We will be creating a community with regularly scheduled Meetings, communal fires and collaborative meals in addition to certain times of solitude and silence.
  • Social ecology is an important aspect to building a community.
  • Music (bring instruments) and group singing
  • Campfires and Community projects and Work Weekends are all part of the experience.
  • We are nearby public waterways, swimming holes, and many other interesting and beautiful sites – natural and historic – for you to visit while you are here.  
  • Our practical, hands-on approach grounds an experience that implements learning into skills you can harness later.
  • Healthy Food. Basic natural/organic bulk staples and any in-season food from the local farmers (including veggies, eggs, and some meat).
  • Camping on a wooden platform or camping spot in a beautiful, verdant, multireligious summer vacation destination only 100 miles from NYC. Long-term Resident will receive a room in the mobile home or camper (possibly a shared space) with Access to Wi-Fi
  • Mutual Individual and Group Supervision and LifeWork™ Skills Development
  • We utilize the Sanctuary Model of Organizational Development
  • Residents and Worktraders serve as mentors and role-models to volunteers and guests in community living and leadership of Community projects.
  • Membership – should you desire it, we are committed to continually supporting your progress and flourishing following your residency.

Worktrade Requirements & Expectations

  • 15-20 hours of weekly Community Wor(k)ship, inclusive of Commonwork and Meal prep, for which you are taking responsibility for managing with minimal supervision
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Some work can be physically demanding; please know your limits.
  • Must enjoy rustic, communal living. You will be living in a tent, using a compost toilet, showering outdoors (in privacy) and sharing community space.
  • Must like people and be comfortable around queer community and respectful of spiritual activities.  
  • The managing host (Hoot) is curious and likes to ask questions, so patience, playfulness, and a sense of humor are necessary.

To Apply

Space is limited. I am leaving an open deadline for applications, but with only three resident spots available per season, I want to fill them with well-suited applicants as soon as possible.

  1. Please send a one-page inquiry letter indicating your interest in Option A. or B. (Residency or Workshare) and include your answers to the following questions:
      1. What interests you most about this opportunity? Why?
      2. What project (or employment) will you be pursuing aside from requirements outlined here?
      3. What are your gifts? Abilities? Which one(s) are you developing?
      4. What are your needs? Challenges?
      5. What is one thing or aspect of your life/being that you most want to change?
      6. (Your answers to the above questions may be written, poetic, theological, or otherwise demonstrative of your creative strength)
  2. Please attach your resume and/or links to your work online and email: [email protected]. After I receive your communication, I will set up a phone or Zoom interview.