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ElderSpirit – Home for sale

by Roger Golden
Land + Real Estate
ElderSpirit Community, Abingdon, Southwest Virginia near Tennessee border.


After 14 years we are offering our one-bedroom home in ElderSpirit Community for sale.

  • We are located in the center of this well-established community, across the plaza from the Common House. Living in a cohousing community for people over the age of 55 has been wonderful for us. We’ve made many close friends over the years. People help each other out, we have community dinners twice a week, and we’re encouraged to pursue our own spiritual paths.
  • Our home is 754 sf with a 10×10 deck in back and a small front porch. The layout makes it seem quite spacious.
  • Through a picture window we overlook a pocket park that gives on to the famed Virginia Creeper Trail, where we’ve spent many hours walking or riding our bikes.
  • We are sorry to say goodbye to this very positive life style, but we need to move to be closer to our kids. Asking price $149,000.
  • Give Roger a call at 276-492-0503 or email [email protected] to discuss your interest in our home.
    Roger Golden, Cinny Poppen

Community Description
ElderSpirit is an intentional community for mixed income elders (aged 55 and over) located on 3.7 acres alongside the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abingdon, southwest Virginia. All spiritual paths, gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, faith and social status are respected and encouraged.

Thirteen of the cluster homes belong to owners and are sold at market price; sixteen apartment homes are for renters, who must qualify as low-to-moderate income. The Common House is used for meals, meetings, entertainment and gatherings of all kinds. There are laundry facilities in the Common House. The Spirit Center is a special place for prayer, meditation, and celebrations. Each member participates in the tasks of community living. Monthly meetings of the Members Association are run by consensus. Visitors who are interested in our community are welcomed. To learn more, visit our website

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