Elder Biodynamic Practitioner Relocating to Collaborate with Life’s Work

by Barbara
Community Seekers
Kootenays, British Columbia

Elder Sacred Agriculture practitioner seeks new setting to serve and collaborate with life’s work. Aim to be with a family, small community, educational center, biodynamic farm, homestead or spiritual initiative having a spiritual practice and dedicated to earth stewardship.

Barbara assists others to align and attune their thinking, feeling and willing bodies with the seen and unseen forces of nature. She has comprehensive knowledge and practical experience with heirloom seed cultivation, conscious composting, land stewardship, homeopathic remedies and light root (dioscorea batatas) cultivation and research. For many years she has taught the peasant wisdom of the earth, which she learned through perceiving the land as teacher. Barbara has guided hands-on workshops and consulted in South Africa, Canada and the U.S. For 30 years.

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