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Dynamic, Skilled, Competent Dyad Looking for Others/Group or Interesting Gig

by hb
Community Seekers

We are two positive and focused individuals who are ready for a lifestyle change and are looking to be part of something exciting that offers the opportunity to work within an amazing group and experience community.

We would love to be part of something that has a positive impact and is generally in the interests of the greater good. We would like to join forces with an active group, or with others interested in forming an active group, or work with an already established endeavor—whether that be a retreat center or some other type of venture with a positive and progressive mission.

Though we currently have a base in the Northwestern USA, we are receptive to relocation and living almost anywhere.

Experience and Primary Skills

*Landscaping, organic gardening.
(interested in and currently learning more about permaculture)

*Carpentry and building trades
General carpentry, plumbing/irrigation systems, basic electrical, general maintenance.

*Cooking, catering
Both of us are enthusiastic cooks and one of us has 12 years in the restaurant industry. We enjoy preparing and eating simple meals using natural and organic ingredients.

*Previous careers
One of us is a healthcare professional: licensed respiratory therapist and EMT. The other is a technical writer/editor, former restaurant owner, and involved in large event catering, construction, and business-to-business sales.

*Communication and interpersonal relationships
We are proactive communicators with experience in counseling and psychotherapy (individual, couple, group), who practice emotional and interpersonal transparency and dynamic relationship connection (including proactive conflict resolution).

Some of Our Values and Interests

*Mental/emotional health advocacy and the mechanics of neural pattern reprogramming

*Physically active and healthy lifestyle

*Living ecologically and sustainably; integrating permaculture principles

*Positive attitudes towards personal expression, sexuality, and educational or creative pursuits

*Music (for pleasure and consciousness expansion), dancing, food, companionship, seizing the day, and living lives of personal freedom, creative expansion, soulful experience, and loving celebration

*Equality, tolerance, diversity, respect, kindness

*Living with creative intention, mindfulness, and self-responsibility

*Seeing life as a journey and an ongoing opportunity for exploration, experience, expansion, and understanding

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about who you are and what you have in mind.

If you have specific questions for us, please ask.