Dancing Waters Permaculture Co-operative, Driftless area of SW Wisconsin

by Rikardo
Community With Opening

Dancing Waters Permaculture Co-operative

We are a 34 year-old community of 12 adults currently (children come and go), in earnest search of that combination of people and ways that will bring us to a level of active collaboration and mutual respect so that all can participate meaningfully and with joy, as we move forward with stewardship of our land and resources. (P.S.- New baby due any minute)!
Setting: 130 amply wooded acres in the beautiful rolling hills and fertile valleys of the Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, a rural area rich with lush watersheds, small towns, practitioners and institutions of sustainability and resilience, and a burgeoning restorative culture.
Collectively our group has over 200 years of experience in co-operative living, in at least 7 different co-ops. Real estate is commonly owned. Collaborative work is a focus, with balance in supporting individual’s own projects and careers. New members are trialed for a one year minimum. Decisions are by consensus; meetings every two weeks, with potlucks and work parties weekly or more.
Areas of focused activity include: gardening and putting up food, firewood gathering, building maintenance and re-habbing, orchard, raising hay for mulch etc., raising some of our protein and fat intake (laying hens, pigs, and an incipient cattle grazing project), some growing and gathering of culinary and medicinal herbs both wild and domestic, group singing, potlucks, game times, etc. We are quite seasonally oriented, so various activities ebb and flow according to time of year.
Part of our mission/purpose is to continue into future generations, and, as we now have openings, we are recruiting.
Strong request: Please visit our listing on the ic.org site under “Community Directory” before contacting us, as there is much more info there that will help you know whether or not to establish contact.

Contact: Rikardo, at [email protected]