Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage – Come be part of the solution!

by Tereza
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Come live lightly with us, and be part of the solution! Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community and educational non-profit focused on living, researching, and demonstrating sustainable living possibilities. We live, work and play on 280 acres of lovely rolling prairie, and welcome new members to join us in creating a vibrant community and cooperative culture!

Together we’re living abundant and fulfilling low-carbon lives, using about 10% of the resources of the average American in many key areas. We use renewable energy, practice organic agriculture, build natural and green buildings and share vehicles and common infrastructure. We also have a lot of fun together! We welcome individuals, families, and sub-communities, and are especially seeking women and people with leadership and communication skills.

Check out our visitor programs and workshop offerings at www.dancingrabbit.org or call us at 660-883-5511