Couple Seeking Meaningful Paid Work at Your Community

by Kim Kanney
Opportunities, Jobs, Internships, Business
Self-motivated couple seeking meaningful paid work for next season or longer at an intentional community or budding community. We are a skilled, experienced couple living full-time in a Class A RV with our 5-year-old dog. We are 36 and 44 years old with experience living on homesteads and off-grid intentional communities looking for a similar environment with like-minded folks. Scout is a builder/carpenter, artist, and all-around handyman. Kim is a soapmaker, herbalist, DIY-er and runs FIC’s online bookstore.  We both run small businesses in art ( and soapmaking/apothecary ( Check them out!
We are looking for a place to plant our RV for the season and find paid work for our value. Do you have a project needing a skilled hand that requires plenty of self-motivation with proper direction? Do you need to have your idea take off with the right organization? Our skills for hire include conventional construction (i.e. carpentry, drywall, light plumbing, roofing, etc) as well as natural building (i.e. straw bale, earth bag, cob, wattle and daub & plaster), garden & market farming, permaculture, homesteading, animal husbandry and office/organizational assistance. We can take care of most of our physical needs within our RV, but water hook-up and electricity are ideal. Access to homegrown food is a major plus.
Let’s start a conversation! Contact us at [email protected] or 812-929-8890.