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Companions in Spirit Community – Virtual Lay Monks in the City, study Self Inquiry via videos etc., Web Based Communities

by Brock Denis
Community with Opening
North West Corridor of Washington DC close to the National Zoo

Be You tiful…

Spiritual & Being in the Heart of the City (Nation’s Capitol)

Live and work  in Washington DC  and still retain your connection to your underlying Perfection of Being.

Live in same building with kindred spiritual minded folks into non- dual meditation,  especially Self Inquiry as taught by the Sage of Mt. Arunachala.


Seniors welcome! high rise 7 floors, including a great rooftop with 360 view of Washington DC.

Currently to lease:  are 2 (two) – 3 bedrooms and 2 (two) 1 bedrooms available to rent – usually  1000.00 per roommate, must have a min 2 in a 1 bedroom (could be one occupant – higher rate applies)

The building is professionally managed with an on site residential manager as well. The usual criminal and background check and application fee to apply and qualify.

*Roommate sought for existing 2 bedroom, at 900.00 for immediate  move in. This unit also has an Art Studio and Gold’s gym to share.

and up to 3 three roommates in bigger units.

Viewing with distancing policies available,  and video as well.

Gatherings when able, to study Self Inquiry and share meals and using Zoom for the times.


For more info:  send text to: 202 465 0980