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Big Island, Hawaii

Calling for community leaders in 2021

This is an off-grid yoga, meditation, and ecological center on Big Island, Hawaii. With the pandemic still looming over our retreat operation, we decided to open our center for those who wish to experience community living to come and join us. We are looking for community volunteers/leaders to come together to build an educational and self-sustainable community in 2021.

Located on ten acres of peaceful and sacred land, creates a perfect backdrop to unearth your inner peace. The land also provides plenty of natural resources and opportunities for self-sustainable living. We support individuals from different cultures and beliefs to develop their paths while sharing our intent to build the community.

Our mission is to honor the teaching and the wisdom of His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, which is the mission of human unity. To do so, we are looking for volunteers/leaders who wish to support their daily yoga or meditation practice with selfless service through various areas, which include:

Meditation Instructor
Primary responsibilities include leading various types of meditation classes, including guided meditation, sound healing, mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, and visualizations, as well as create a daily meditation curriculum to educate the community. We are devoted to the teachings and legacy of Kirpal Singh and the meditation techniques taught by Him, any instructor who is knowledgable in Kirpal’s teaching method will be a plus.

Gardener / Landscaper
Primary responsibilities include leading all of our groundwork. Some of these responsibilities include leading our community members in the growing and harvesting of our fruit and vegetables as well as weeding, composting, greenhouse maintenance, and landscape beautification. Someone who has a permaculture background will be a plus.

Vegan Cook
Primary responsibilities include planning, creating, and implementing nutritious vegan and gluten-free meals for the community; to work closely with the gardener on the food grown from the garden and greenhouse; to teach and share the love of vegan cooking with community members, and to keep weekly inventory.

Primary responsibilities include tending to our solar system, water catchment system, septic system, and maintaining our generators as well as maintaining the tool shed and all things needing maintenance. Some fundamental building skills are helpful.

You will be required to help 30 hours a week in exchange for a comfortable bed in one of our hand-built cabins and three nutritious vegan and gluten-free meals daily. You also have access to our yoga classes, meditation pavilion, and a library of spiritual literature. Also included are Wi-Fi, hot showers, laundry facilities, bicycles, snorkel gear, surfboards, some musical instruments for your leisure, and full access to our 10-acre fruit and vegetable gardens.

Our volunteers/leaders see selfless service as an essential part of going deeper into their practice and do everything with a meditative mindset. We are looking for strict vegetarians, as we do not allow meat, fish, or eggs on our property. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are prohibited.

Do you have the skills that you think would complement our community while developing your path? If so, please contact us.