Community Forming in Belize

by Keaton
Forming Communities
Benque Viejo del Carmen Belize Central America

We are a family of four seeking to build a farming/homesteading community in Belize. We own 18 acres near Benque Viejo Belize. Over half of it is pristine jungle, with about 1/3 of it somewhat developed. We have a year round source of clean water from a natural spring, mature fruit trees, a pond, and the building site leveled. We are looking for enthusiastic, hard working people to join us in continuing to build a permanent homestead there. We are especially hopeful for another family so that our two kids (3.5 and 1 year) will have someone to play with! This is a wonderful opportunity to live simply in paradise and potentially become equal partners in stewardship of the land. Ideally we would like to build 2-4 more “units”(Whether this is single, couple/or family). This is a homestead not a vacation so if you aren’t able or willing to work then this isn’t for you. Please contact me via email or phone if interested.