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Community Forming for SMOKERS

by Sky SaintMartha
Community Forming
United States of America

Have you ever wanted to live in an intentional community but were EXCLUDED simply because you’re a smoker?  I certainly have!  I’m sick to death of trying to find somewhere that I can simply Be ME.  Part of who I am is someone who’s been smoking for 50 years and has given up on stopping.  Folks are simply going to have to deal with that, if they want to be part of my life.

So let’s band together and create our own intentional community (IC)!

Although we may not be able to get together In The Flesh right now due to lockdowns and social distancing, we can still communicate via this website, Skype, email, etc.  It takes a LOT of time to form a community and set it up.  Let’s use this time to get STARTED!

There’s no reason why we can’t live in an otherwise-healthy community.  There are no limits to the ways in which we can minimize/mitigate indoor air pollution from smoke.

WHERE will we form this IC?  That’s wholly dependent on who wants to do this–either with me or with others who respond to this ad.  It may well be that More Than One IC will be formed by people who respond.  I’m willing and able to play go-between For Now for other folks who want to form a different IC for smokers but who can’t handle the administrative work to get it started.  There are many different forms which ICs can manifest.

I’m particularly drawn to co-housing utilizing tiny homes and the like and/or apartment-type buildings with a common use facility for laundry, meetings, gardening, kitchen and dining room, crafting, canning, etc.

I’m a soldier in the war on poverty!  Every co-housing community/project I’ve found thus far is open ONLY to those who have great material wealth.  Everyone will share in paying their fair portion of community costs as a percentage of their income in the community/communities which we birth.  That way no one needs to be excluded due to either financial poverty or wealth.

ABOUT ME:  My name is Sky SaintMartha and I’m a divorced 62 year old female currently living in Buffalo, NY.  Living in community is something I’ve always dreamed of doing.  I’m a playful pagan crone who realizes that everyone has their own path to walk and anyone who wants to live in my community MUST also allow others who follow The COOL Code to have their own religion or spirituality unmolested.  I do my best to follow The COOL Code (see pic) and so must everyone who joins my personal community.

I’ve been a community organizer for over 3 decades, so I have the administrative skills to get things set up how we want them.  Twin Oaks Community has been around for 53 years now and their Planner/Manager system seems to work very well (except for excluding smokers).  So I’m thinking their model would be the best one to adapt to our use although I’m quite open to learning others.

Personally, I prefer to live in a State which has legalized cannabis and allows citizen referendums.  I think western Massachusetts or Vermont would be best for me because I would rather live as far from 5G tech as I possibly can.  One thing which I do REQUIRE is that I be able to see TREES outside my window.

“Holy Smoke Tribe” is the name I’ve chosen for my personal community.  Of course, whoever else joins may want to name it something else.

Please feel free to email me your questions, comments, and suggestions!  I love learning new things and doing internet research.  My motto is that there’s no such thing as A Stupid Question–only people who are too stupid to ASK questions.

You can email me at the eAdd after my name below.  PLEASE note that it is an UNDERLINE between the first two words–NOT a dash.  I typed it wrong the last time I edited this document.  Sorry about that!  Fixed now though.

I just got off the phone with a younger couple who are also interested in living in community with other smokers. We are researching which platform might be best for having a get-together of everyone who has shown the same interest. That should be happening soon.

So, if you’re still interested, please give me contact info for yourself (email address and phone number). Do you ALWAYS have internet service? If so, do you use your cell phone, laptop computer, or desktop computer to go online? If you use a cell phone, what KIND do you use (android, iphone, etc,)?  If you use a computer, does it have an Apple or Microsoft platform?  All of that info would help to figure out the best platform for us to use.

Good Luck on your journey…  Sky ( [email protected] )

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