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Cob Workshop at Veg Community

by Jason Sostaric
Jobs + Opportunities
Burlington, Maine

Offering Two Cob Building Workshops in August and September!

(We are also Open to and Actively Welcoming New Members!)


Cob Building Workshop will for 2 weeks starting the last week in August 2020.  In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of cob building by building an entire small house.  In addition to learning how to tread cob, you’ll learn how to plan and build…

the foundation




walls (interior and exterior)

and the roof.

We are still deciding on whether we’ll modify our roof to double as a ceiling or build a separate ceiling.  Either way, you’ll learn it!

The location is OFF-GRID.  Three vegetarian/vegan meals per day are provided and there is a solar shower and composting toilet for use.  Bring your tent to camp out or small trailer (please call before to know if there is still room for trailers, as parking space is a bit limited).  The total cost for the 2-week workshop is just $1350.

On the heels of the 2-week workshop will be a separate 1-week workshop– Cob Rocket Mass Heaters and Heated Benches.  Price is $650 purchased separately.  We’re offering a discount when you register for all three weeks together– $1700.


We’re an off-grid community of three, now forming, with 60 acres in the wilderness of Maine!  Our objective is total self-sufficiency.  Our community is a response to the insanity we see in our world.  We have One governing principle:  The Golden Rule.  As for governance, we are a 100% concensus structure, as we grow that may change minutely (as in a very small way).  We place an emphasis on self-discovery/healing and personal growth, interpersonal growth, our connection with the living world, and the freedom to pursue our respective and collective interests while considering our fellow earthlings (ie, other living things on this planet).


We are a cruelty-free community, meaning we choose a vegetarian/vegan diet (no meat).  Alcohol and tobacco use are permitted, as well as the use of entheogens, but all in moderation.  Please DO ask how that looks in practice and any/all related questions on the topic and be prepared to discuss your own views and lifestyle practices.


We expect a crowd for the workshops, and we’ll max out at 15 participants, so don’t drag your feet!  Reserve your spot before they’re gone! We’re totally jazzed to meet you ! ! ! ! 😀

Much Love!

Jason at New Earth