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Imagine a world that does not depend on money… a world where everyone just helps their neighbour. With God’s help, we have been experimenting with this for forty years now, and can testify that it really does work. God can and does provide for those who are prepared to become a part of his heavenly kingdom!

Unplug from the Matrix and discover just how real the message of Jesus is for us today.

You can literally live in this new world 24/7, with enough time to encourage others who are lost and lonely, as you share Jesus’ radical message of love. You can be part of a community of like-minded believers, travelling the world, free of consumerist pressures to be someone you are not.

We are a small Australian community of dedicated disciples — married couples with families and celibate singles – living out the teachings of Jesus day by day. We live by faith, which means that we work full-time for love, and not in secular jobs for material gain. All that we do should be motivated by sincere love and faith, so we freely give our time, talents, and resources to build God’s kingdom. God is our support system. We have found that, as we work towards creating His vision for the world, He is faithful in supplying all that we need (just as Jesus promised in Matthew 6:24-33) – and often more!

As a community, we have imitated the first Christians, who shared everything they owned. We live simply, aiming to be good stewards of the earth’s resources. We engage in radical recycling – the vast majority of our food, and a large proportion of our other material needs, come from what others in society have discarded. Despite our emphasis on being frugal, we often experience overflowing abundance! This acts as evidence of God’s blessing and a fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to provide for us when we rely on Him and put His work first.

There are many ways to work toward bringing this heavenly vision to the world, and our primary focus is sharing these truths and principles with others: reaching out to those who are estranged from God, and encouraging spiritual growth in any sincere individuals looking to improve their relationship with Him. We feel a need to call people out of the system of wage slavery, so they can experience the freedom for which we were created. We spend time with people from all walks of life, both religious and non-religious, encouraging the divine spark that exists in everyone and inspiring people to follow their conscience toward lives of kindness and love.

You don’t need any prior theological or professional training for this work. You only need a sincere desire to grow spiritually, and an interest in being of service to God and others. Some people are shy about sharing their faith, and not everyone is a natural-born evangelist, but with our many years of experience we will show you how to build confidence in communicating Jesus’ message effectively. We distribute tracts, literature and DVDs that we have custom made to reach people in our culture and times, and we can help you develop your own tracts, if you like, in order to express what is most important to you about this seemingly new, yet ancient, way of life.

Our passion for this cause inspires us to be a mobile community. We live in vehicles, each designed to accommodate up to 5-6 people. This gives us the freedom to travel around different parts of Australia, spreading Jesus’ message to all who would receive it. Our caravan of believers often spends time working in different areas during the week as smaller teams, though we try to get together at least once a week as a larger body in parks, at the beach or in national forests, We often invite other friends, for fellowship, food, music and shared worship.

We occasionally experiment with “survival outreaches” where we leave our vehicles, literature, and other material supports behind for a few days, in order to deepen our dependence on God, and to experience his hand at work as we reach out in a more radical way. Like the first disciples, we come back from such adventures with many stories to share about how God has guided us.

Don’t worry if you are not yet ready to commit to this life full-time. You are still welcome to visit and participate in our activities as you are able. There is opportunity for service in other ways apart from outreach — things like graphic and web design, writing, art, music and film production, cooking, child-care, vehicle maintenance, carpentry, health care, electrics, counselling – the list could go on! Whatever gifts and skills you have, we can work together in finding ways to use them in a service of love!

We would love to share our life and work with any who are seeking freedom from the system, and who are wanting to live the changes you would like to see in the world.

Ideally, we can help each other become more fully like what God wants us to be.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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