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Artist seeking community and connection

by Lee
Seeking Community

‘Hear me Roar’ projected time frame 2019-2020. I’m excited about this multi medium project for so many reasons! It started from a dream just days ago! In my dream I was painting each person that I met. Each person was also mute. When I was done painting they would take a breath and with that breath let out animalistic gutteral roars then regaining their voices, step forward. After meditating on it during the day that doesn’t exist I decided to reach out and contact communities about potentially making this project happen. I’m excited to say the interest in being given an outlet is amplified by the enthusiasm! I’m open to many forms of bringing this to life. If you are interested or want to nominate anyone who you think would benefit from being given a platform please email me I am aiming to bring awareness to and give voices to the mentally disturbed, disabled, survivors of domestic violence, immigrants, children, and anyone who feels like they aren’t heard or are afraid to stand up for their voice on their own.



I am also still seeking communities willing to host me while I’m bringing this to life and with members or relations to organizations who would benefit from being given and outlet to be heard in new ways

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