Are you interested in living with an established intentional community? New houses available!

by Barb
Community With Opening

The Songaia Greater Neighborhood is an established intentional community that has been thriving over the past couple decades.  Our community is known for its strong social connections, consensus processes, and a sustainability-focused shared food program.  Due to new houses that are being built directly next to our community, we are excited that we now have the opportunity to expand and welcome new members.

Neighborhood community members have access to:

  • Beautiful neighborhood in a park-like setting
  • Vibrant intergenerational community of over forty people
  • Permaculture organic gardens and CSA Forest, meadow, and orchards
  • Food program for bulk buying and sharing 5 meals per week
  • Wood shop, pottery studio, community house, play room, etc.
  • Regular social events and celebrations

Homes at Songaia rarely turn-over, leaving few opportunities to buy homes in the community. However, an external developer is building new houses directly adjacent to Songaia.  The houses will be accessible to our community, and are closer to our Common House and Garden than most of our current houses.  

We have negotiated  a first opportunity to purchase the homes that are on our border. This first-choice arrangement means you can lock in a set price (many homes in our area bid-up higher than their asking price) with an option to buy before the house goes on the market.  The window for exercising the first option to purchase is closing quickly. If you are interested in purchasing or investing in one of these homes adjacent to the Songaia neighborhood we would love to connect with you.

Current information about options can be found here: