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An Eco-Community is forming in SW Ohio / Northern Kentucky area

by john
Community Forming
SW Ohio / Northern Kentucky area

Hello all! An Eco-Community is forming in SW Ohio / Northern Kentucky area. We are looking for families, couples and individuals interested in taking the initial steps and join us to create an intentional community based on equity, ecology, friendship and tolerance. We are focusing on building up our membership base first prior to buying land. 

Currently we have 6 adult members (2 couples and two individuals). We will be looking for land within 35-45 minutes of Cincinnati, Ohio. We have been in conversations with a developer/builder who has advised us that we would need signed commitments for building 6-10 homes in order to initiate construction of infrastructure (water, sewer, power, roads)  for the entire project. We are thinking of the development of 15 to 20+ smaller homes with a common house, green house and other common amenities. We have kept our eyes on land over the past year or so and it appears there always seems to be a number of land opportunities given the size of the geographic area we have selected. 

Although we will keep all seriously interested parties updated below are a few basic things you should know to figure out if this is something you want to be part of.

  1. You should be interested in actively creating a community from the ground up. There are many interesting existing communities in the world to plug into (just not any in our area). If your preference is to join something already established our group is not for you (at least not now). We need founders!

2. This will be a community built on tolerance and inclusion. Ideally we would like members with diverse economic and skill backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, and ages. Singles and families are both welcome. Spiritual diversity is welcomed.  While all religious traditions (or no religious tradition) are honored and celebrated, no one tradition is allowed to dominate.

3. We will be trying to create an affordable community. Monthly HOA dues from homeowners will be used to pay for property taxes, common house expenses, etc. It is hoped that utility costs (as well as ecological impacts) will be minimized through efficient home design, on-site solar and wind power and water conservation.

If the above rings with you please e-mail us. If you like, tell us a little about yourself and your current situation. We will be in contact and provide you with more information and hopefully begin a conversation about traveling down this path.

[email protected]

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