The 500 Communities Program is training the next wave of cohousing professionals! Applications due in June 2018.

by Bethany
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Ever Dream of Making Your Cohousing Passion a Profession? The 500 Communities Program might be for you!

This Program is for passionate entrepreneurs ready to devote themselves to the goal of building the next 500 cohousing communities while working collaboratively, supporting each other and making a good living. Cohousing groups across the country need project managers and marketing assistance to help them realize their dreams. With this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make cohousing a viable and fulfilling career path.

This innovative, year-long training is led by Katie McCamant, President of CoHousing Solutions. Katie has consulted on, designed, or developed dozens of cohousing communities over the last three decades. This course gives you access to her wealth of experience in cohousing development as well as one-on-one advice and guidance for your specific goals.

A recent graduate of the 500 Communities Program has said: “I can’t imagine how I would dare consider being a professional supporting cohousing without the 500 Communities program. Katie’s breadth of knowledge and her willingness to share this knowledge has been, and continues to be, invaluable. I’ve also appreciated the support from my fellow program participants. From our first weekend together to the subsequent monthly calls, I gained new friends who shared my passion and challenged me to develop my knowledge and skills. Creating cohousing is daunting, but with this program and Katie’s continued support, I feel confident that I can be part of this amazing movement.”

Professionals from all walks of life are invited to apply. Participants enter the Program with varied skills, from real estate development to marketing to community organizing. The only pre-requisite is for you to be passionate about creating sustainable communities.

Interested? Learn more about the 500 Communities program on CoHousing Solutions’ website.

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