4th of July, “Gateway to Community” gift Retreat

by Eric N Best, PhD
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Don’t be afraid to build castles in the sky.  That is where they
belong.  But once the dream is in place, your job is to build the
foundation under them.”
                                                                Henry David Thoreau

GIFTING “REAL” COMMUNITY to you !  Rising above the clouds of  confusion and chaos in community creation or living, is what the 4th of July, GateWay to Community retreat event is all about.  Absolutely a “Yes!” to your dreams of building, joining or revamping a community, in order to live your highest dreams.  The foundation that is needed is first creating “Interpersonal Community” of in-depth friendship, loving honesty, and creative problem solving skills among the people involved, prior to taking on a particular philosophical goal, buying land or moving in together as a community.  

This retreat event is my Gift to you.     http://mariposagroup.org/GiftComm.htm

In Love,  Eric


With a background in psychology, science and a 33+ year long meditative practice; over time I’ve developed the “GateWay to Community” process.  It comes via a merging of the best from psychology, science and spirituality.  In complete honesty and integrity, I can tell you everything I know points to this foundational process of developing loving honesty, in-depth friendship and creative problem solving skills, as being the foundation upon which truly successful & very creative community, can then be built.  –  Eric N. Best, Ph.D.

GateWay to Community is all about building that successful foundation.  Here a few comments from past attendees.

            “After living in an intentional community for 5 years, it took this workshop, and a willingness to commit to this process, to finally experience community within myself and then the experience of true intimate community with others.”
                                                         Susan      Oregon

“I went to the conference to learn about soft technology, organic gardening and financing.  I learned that if there is communion between the hearts, all else will fall into place.
                                                         Rhea      Cambridge, England

“This is the first time I’ve come into community through Joy.”
                                                         Nancy     Seattle, WA

“I would recommend it to friends who talk about building or doing ‘community’ as though it were easy and the first thing to do is buy enough land.  I’d suggest that perhaps they experience community first.”
                                                         Margo      Oregon