39 year old Denver gal seeking fellowship and loving community/co-housing/ecovillage to call her home with possible low income housing option.

by Marlee Turner
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I am a 39 year old Denver gal and I am searching for a positive, nurturing, loving community in Denver or beyond really. I am excited about the prospect of fellowship and community which I am definitely I need of. I am upbeat, love cleaning and contributing. I am a caring person and I make friends quickly. I yearn to be a part of a community where I can thrive, be myself, and be content. I am open to eco villages, co-housing, house shares, efficiency apartment, etc.  not just in Colorado but, beyond as well. I was thinking about Oregon a lot as well. I am open to what my life has in store for me((;. I am new to intentional living but, I feel it is where I belong. I am such a sensitive creature living in this big, high rents city. It is very difficult without good fellowship and loving community, for my spirit to feel at peace. If any of this moves you then please do contact me with your ideas or opportunities. I am grateful to be a part of this website and look forward to hearing from the wonderful folks that are associated with it. I need a change and believe it is time to set the intention of wanting new energy in my life Now(;