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1/4 share for sale in Intentional Community in Sebastopol, CA

by Suzie Heumann
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate
Sebastopol, California

La Tierra is an intentional community located on just over 14 acres, 2 miles west of downtown Sebastopol. The community formed in 1989 and has been successfully thriving for 30 years now as an open minded, open-hearted multiple home community. Some of us are owners here and some of us are renters. We are healers, gardeners, earth activists, artists, world travelers and entrepreneurs – spiritual and heartfelt individuals currently between the ages of 8 and 70. One of the owners is seeking to sell their share and home on the property.

There are four quarter shares (owners) and each of those shares has one of the large houses on the property. This share for sale is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath sunny house that has an additional very large studio apartment that was originally the master bedroom and additional bathroom. It could certainly be that again but currently it is a private rental that belongs to this share-holder/owner. The main house is approximately 1,330 square feet and the master/rental/studio is about 480 square feet, for a total of 1,810 square feet. The front yard of this home has extensive raised garden beds for planting and a large redwood deck. It faces east for morning sun. The living room is west facing glass with wood sliding doors that face out to an enclosed area that houses the community swimming pool, a large deck and a lovely pond. This home has natural gas and has both a wall heater in the dining room/kitchen area and a lovely gas, freestanding, zero clearance fireplace in the living area closer to the bedrooms.

The Land

Approximately half of the land here is in wetlands and forest. The homes and community spaces are on the upper half of the property. There are extensive flower, berry and vegetable gardens, large orchards, ceremonial grounds, a large older tennis court, a children’s playground, sweat lodge, ceremonial tepee, greenhouses, chickens, bees, cats, permaculture, swimming pool, community room/workshop space, hot tub, laundry room, Internet, infra-red sauna, shared tools and resources and 60% of the community’s utilities are solar powered.

The Community

In addition to the four owner’s homes (and private rental included in this offer) there are four rentals that are the income source for the owners. The income from these rentals supplies the money for the additions, repairs and improvements to the land and the rental homes. This is a total of nine households currently with thirteen adults, one teen and two children. People tend to stay here a long time.

We eat community meals together Monday through Thursday nights. Each adult at La Tierra cooks for all of us one time per month. Dinners are currently at 6 pm. We find that dinners are a time for us to connect and relax with each other. This is a bonding time and we cherish it. We are committed to eating organic food and attempt to buy food that is grown as locally as possible. While we would all like to be together at all of our meals we have found this is not always optimum in our busy lives. We do ask that you try to attend at least two meals a week but you are always entitled to your dinner so you can leave a “late plate” for the cook and come pick it up so you’ll have it later or the next day. I have personally found that this “meal plan” (smiley face!) saves me money, time (of course!) and I don’t throw nearly as much food away in the compost! It’s fantastic!

We really appreciate gardeners and handy, proactive and resourceful people who are interested in growing food, creating beauty and a healthy lifestyle. Good communication skills, a willingness to be flexible and the ability to envision what’s best for the whole community go far around here. Partners are required to put in eight hours of community work/service per month while renters are at five hours.

More Particulars

The partners are organized as a TIC (Tenants In Common) legal structure. The whole property is currently paid off. There is no mortgage. To date, there have only been two new partners in the 30 years here. One left a few years back and had a small holding. The sale of this current partner’s share is someone who has been here for fifteen years.

This quarter share includes a quarter of the land, the home offered and private rental, one quarter of all rental income from the other four rentals and two of the eight votes in any partner’s decision making process. This share is offered at $779,000. All cash is the first priority though an owner-based, short term small loan may be considered. More pictures upon request.

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