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Life in Community

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Wisdom of Community

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Cooperation is the Key to Sustainability

Humanity thrives when people work together. An “Intentional Community” shows what happens when people take this premise to the next level — by living together in a village of their own making which reflects their shared values.

Intentional Communities come in many shapes and sizes, and go by many names. This includes cohousing, ecovillages, cooperative houses, communes, and so on. We believe there is strength and beauty in this diversity, and our aim is to support it. exists to serve this community movement. We offer tools, resources, and information to find, start, or join an intentional community, and to make the most out of your community project. Learn more About

Cooperative Values

  • Cooperation
  • Sustainability
  • Social Justice
  • Nonviolence
  • Non-Coercion

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Diversity of Models

  • Ecovillages
  • Cohousing
  • Communes
  • Student Co-ops
  • Spiritual Communities

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Group Resilience

  • Shared Decisions
  • Local Economy
  • Social Enrichment
  • Natural Building
  • Food Security

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