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31 ways to create sustainable neighborhoods

Posted on April 11, 2016 by

Community Bookstore Sale

by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods
by Dan Chiras and Dave Wann
230 pages
ON SALE! $15

A common human landscape is the suburbs―a design that oftentimes dismantles human connection, fosters separation and privacy, and relies on greater resource consumption. How can we reinvent existing neighborhoods into spaces of cooperation and resource sharing?

“Superbia! presents 31 steps that neighborhood groups can take to overcome [suburban] barriers and bring their neighborhoods fully into bloom.” Each chapter takes you several steps closer towards creating sustainable neighborhoods, from retrofitting homes to be energy efficient to designing programs that share resources and spaces such as vehicle and backyards. And with each step, learn about who is already doing it!

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The Transition Handbook
The Transition Handbook is another take on re-creating existing communities. The Transition movement addresses shifting neighborhood behaviors away from oil dependency and towards self-sufficiency.

The Great Neighborhood BookThe Great Neighborhood Book is a do-it-yourself guide to creating community in the most unlikely of places. Simple and inspiring steps can result in huge investments for your neighborhood.

Best of Communities XIII - Cooperative Economics and Creating Community Where You AreBest of Communities XIII: Cooperative Economics and Creating Community Where You Are Half the articles in this bundle are devoted to taking the inspiration of community beyond the boundary of shared property. If you figure that there are only 100,000 people in the US living in some form of self-identified intentional community, yet 100 million wanting a greater sense of community in their life, it’s obvious that we should be exporting what we’re learning to neighborhoods, churches, schools, and workplaces almost everywhere. Half of the 20 articles in this bundle focus on that expansive task.


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