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2018 Calendars: Available Now!

Posted on October 21, 2017 by




2018 Calendars: Available Now!
We’Moon 2018 – La Luna
Permaculture Principles 2018

Each year we offer our favorite ways to stay organized, all within the tune to our favorite things. 2018 calendars are in stock while our supplies last!

This year’s theme seems to be all about The Moon. Get your daily planner and wall calendar together so you may follow the lunar phases simultaneously accompanied by enchanting prose and planting tips!

WE’MOON 2018 – La Luna


WE'MOON 2018 - La Luna
WE’MOON 2018 – La Luna Datebook
Gaia Rhythms for Womyn
$20, Spiral Bound

We’Moon 2018: La Luna “calls on the Moon to enlighten us in these clouded times. Transformation is Her specialty!”

In it’s 37th year, We’Moon follows the lunar phases and astrological transits while also offering inspiring and uplifting visual art, poetry and prose.




With Moon Planting Guide

Each month features a different key permaculture principle, inspiring imagery and tips, phases of the moon, and optimal planting activities in the garden. You can even chart rainfall, temperatures, planting and harvest patterns for future reference! Stay organized and motivated all year long with this calendar on your wall.

Supplies are limited. Order both calendars today!


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