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10 Perfect Gifts

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10 Perfect Gifts!
And Why to Support Your Nonprofit Bookstore

Small, independent bookstores tend to struggle against both a digital age and big box store competitors. We are no exception to the rule and we couldn’t sustain without you.

When you shop in the FIC bookstore, you are not only supporting a bookstore.

You are also supporting a nonprofit that uplifts & enriches intentional communities & cooperative culture — run by real people with passionate ideas.

You are supporting an entire movement.
You are making a statement about your values.
You are stretching your dollar a long, long way.

Holiday Gift Ideas
Here are our Top 10 Gift Ideas that will knock the socks off your friends & family:

Communities magazine back issues

1. Gift Subscription to Communities Magazine

Give the gift of a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year subscription to the person, organization, or library of your choice. Communities is a quarterly magazine (4 issues a year) bringing you articles examining the successes and also the challenges of ic’s, highlighting the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Your fellow communitarians will love you for it!

2. Community Board Game

What better way to take shelter from the cold than by playing board games? In this classic and entertaining game, players try to develop a happy, complete village. If they succeed, all players win! Players work through hardships and opportunities, address emotions and group meetings. With the Meeting Hall in the heart of the community, the game explores both material and spiritual values. The Community Board Game is a medium-complicated game for ages 9 and up.

3. Food Forest Card Game

An alternative to classic cards! Learn about permaculture, test your skills, and challenge your friends with this card deck, Food Forest, inspired by permaculture. The Food Forest card game is a fun and interactive way to learn, teach and design with perennial plants and permaculture design principles. With the versatility of the cards, several games can be played from a simple matching game suitable for children, to a speed game for up to 6 adults.

Check out all our Games and Teaching Aids in this Category page.

4. Wisdom of Communities:

A 4-Volume Series on Creating, Sustaining and Living in Intentional Community

Throughout the 4 volumes in the Wisdom of Communities series, we’ve compiled the best articles from Communities magazine, the leading magazine about intentional communities and cooperative culture in publication since 1972. Get the entire set at a discounted rate, or just the Volume that fits your needs. Available as ebooks too!

Volume 1: Starting a Community
Volume 2: Finding a Community
Volume 3: Communication in Community
Volume 4: Sustainability in Community

Explore the entire archive of Communities magazine articles by reviewing all the back issues since 1972!

5. Finding Your Community Bundles

Finding Your CommunityDo you know someone who is looking for their ideal intentional community? Give them the resources they need to successfully make that happen.
Go here to purchase any combination of the following books and receive 25% off!

Communities Directory, 7th edition. Published by FIC
Finding Community, by Diana Leafe Christian
Wisdom of Communities Volume 2: Finding a Community. Published by FIC

Explore all the discounted bundle options at the Bundles page.

6.Together Resilient

By Ma’ikwe (Yana) Ludwig

Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption, is a book that advocates for citizen-led, community-based action first and foremost: why wait for the government when you can take action today, with your neighbors?

Together Resilient looks at intentional community as a model for a low carbon future. While looking realistically at the state of the world and the realities of climate disruption, it finds hope in examples of communities that already live high quality lives that the planet can sustain.

See more in the Social & Racial Justice category page. 

7.Ecovillages Around the World

Ecovillages Around the WorldEdited by Frederica Miller

Ecovillages Around the World: 20 Regenerative Designs for Sustainable Communities is a new addition to Gaia Education’s 4 Keys to Sustainability. Grab your copy of this stunning book on the 20 best practice designs for ecovillages which includes more than 300 full-color photographs and diagrams and features well-established ecovillages such as Findhorn in Scotland, Auroville in India and newer initiatives such as Hua Tao in China.

Explore all the books & documentaries on Ecovillages. 

8.The Community Food Forest Handbook

By Catherine Bukowski & John Munsell

The Community Food Forest Handbook: How to Plan, Organize, and Nurture Edible Gathering Places provides detailed instructions, ideas, and examples of creating community-oriented access to nutritious food as well as promoting environmental sustainability where we live. It dives into the civic aspects of community food forests, drawing on observations, group meetings, and interviews at over 20 projects across the country and their own experience creating and managing a food forest.

Check out all our New Releases here. 

9. Permaculture Principles 2019 Wall Calendar

We are about to run out of calendars for the year, so get your’s while you can! With more stunning imagery, vibrant illustration and easy-to-read charts, the wall calendar returns with 12 months of practical examples of permaculture design principles, lunar phases, and planting charts. Each month focuses on a principle with an illustration and story so you have time to absorb, consider, and reflect. Ethically produced on post-consumer recycled paper, available while supplies last.

10. We’Moon 2019 Datebook

This popular datebook is once again about to sell out, this year with the theme “Fanning the Flame.” The year 2019 “honors Mother Sun as the source of all life, and sparks our passion for revolutionary change in the world.” The We’Moon Datebook is more than just a planner. It is a work of art created by womyn from all around the world. It is a lunar calendar, keeping us in touch with the cycles of the moon and stars and the rhythms of the natural world. Supplies are limited so order yours now!


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