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Queer in Community is the intentional communities network for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, faeries, dykes, and the people who love us. Check it out and come join us!
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About Us

IraTreeCrQueer in Community (QIC) was founded in May, 1998. The network is formed of individuals who identify as queer or queer-positive, who either live in intentional community or would like to, and affiliated queer and queer-positve communities.

Some definitions for use on this site:
Queer – We do not limit ourselves to any particular definition of queer. For some, it means sexuality in any form beyond traditional heterosexual coupling. Others refuse to define queer at all, on the basis that you know queer when you see it, and any definition is limiting and confining. By “queer-positive” we mean welcoming with open arms, embracing the queerness of queer members and friends, and considering a queer life path to be a positive thing!
Community – is a word with many meanings. When we say “intentional community” we mean a group of people who are choosing to live together.


What We Offer

Goals of QIC

Promote community living as an option for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Help queer-identified and queer-positive intentional communities attract more queer members.
Nourish queer culture. Promote awareness of queer issues in the intentional communities movement.
Provide support and friendship for queer-positive people living in intentional communities.
Have fun together!
QIC Newsletter

  1. First Annual QIC Gathering at The Hermitage at Mahantango Spirit Garden, Pitman PA – June 1999
  2. Second Annual QIC Gathering at Twin Oaks Community , Louisa VA – May 2000. Read more about this past event .
  3. Third Annual QIC Gathering at Twin Oaks Community , Louisa VA – Spring 2001


confpeop We are holding periodic day-long organizational meetings. We also plan to host some larger gatherings at participating communities to get to know each other and have fun together! Contact us to find out what events are in the works.


Contact Us
To receive our printed brochure, to send a donation, to join our mailing list, or to list your community with us, contact our secretary, at:
Brother Johannes – QIC
Mahantongo Spirit Garden
RD 1, Box 149
Pitman, PA 17964 mailboxs

Or, email:

Queer in Community Network
Valerie Renwick-Porter – QIC
Twin Oaks Community
138 Twin Oaks Road
Louisa, Virginia 23093-6337
Phone 540-894-5126


What’s it like Living in an Intentional Community?

There are many different types of intentional communities, including rural land trusts, urban gardenergroup houses, cohousing neighborhoods, student co-ops, ecovillages, and communes. Housing may be individual or shared, simple or elaborate, in the country or in the city. Politics may be a major theme or a non-issue. Spirituality may be a group focus or an entirely personal matter. A few communities pool all their money, while others rely on independent incomes. Some share gardens, orchards, businesses, and even vehicles.

The variety makes it possible for many different kinds of people to find homes in community.
Intentional community can offer friendship and mutual aid dancingin times of trouble.

Cooking dinner may turn into a delight instead of a chore when you only have to do it once a week. Childcare exchanges can provide parents more free time and give non-parents an opportunity to develop warm relationships with kids. Lives can be integrated, instead of fragmented into work and play, job and family. Sharing resources allows everyone to live more lightly on the Earth.jakespam

Community living can provide a supportive environment for queer people in a homophobic world. The communities in our network actively welcome the diversity of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people. We also include communities that center specifically around gay and lesbian issues, such as faery land and womyn’s land.   



FIC (The Fellowship for Intentional Community)
This is a clearinghouse for all sorts of information on community living. The FIC publishes the Communities Directory and Communities magazine. AoC
The Fellowship for Intentional Community
RR 1 Box 155-Q
Rutledge, MO 63563
Web site

FEC (Federation of Egalitarian Communities)
This is a network of communities which share tenets of non-violence, egalitarianism and income sharing. Some are rural, others are urban.
Web site:

RFD (Radical Faerie Digest)

RFD is a publication of the Radical Faeries. Each issue contains articles, artwork, features, and a list
of faerie communities, sanctuaries, and regional contacts.

247 Sanctuary Lane
Liberty, TN 37095
(615) 563-439

Queer in Community (QIC) Directory

Wimmin’s/Lesbian Communities

  • Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home Women’s Land Trust – SuBAMUH

    This women’s intentional living and educational community goes by the initials of SuBAMUH (pronounced Suh Bam’ Uh). It has 3 purposes:
    1. Provide feminist and ecological education for women through workshops, special events, and skills learning
    2. Offer a safe and economical space for women to live for short- or long-term stays.
    3. Be a safe rest and recreation space for women – camping for individuals and group events, day use of land, retreats

    Each resident is responsible to bring or build her own dwelling. Each resident pays for all of her own expenses and supports herself financially, as well as paying a small shared-expenses fee each month. All residents also share the community work and serve as staff for programs. SuBAMUH is flexible on meat eating/vegetarianism, raising farm animals, and occasional male visitors. No guns are allowed. SuBAMUH expects women to be physically and emotionally healthy, and not currently addicted to drugs or alcohol.

    Susan B. Anthony Memorial UnRest Home Women’s Land Trust
    P.O.Box 5853
    Athens, OH 45701
    740-448-6424; 740-448-7242

Gay Men’s Communities

  • Nasalam Ozarks

    We are creating a sex monastery and desire gay/trans mens who are eager to explore their sexuality so that it can be used to create a new kind of community. Our goal is a tribal community modeled on many of the aspects of a traditional monastic community or ashram. 

    This endeavor is best suited for those able to follow guidance and learn the necessary practices. They must be emotionally detached from mainstream western values and desire to be part of a new type of group experience.

    Contact Name: Uriel
    864 N. Ranch Rd.
    Fair Grove, MO 65648-7622
    Phone: 417-759-7854
    E-mail: ,

Open/Mixed Communities

  • Abundant Dawn Community

    Creating a loving and sustainable culture. Each adult is responsible for their own expenses and a share of the community’s expenses. Many alternative-minded folks, homeschoolers, homesteaders, small communities, and organic growers live in this area. The old-timers are generally friendly and open.

    Floyd, Virginia 24091
    Email Address:
    Web Address:


  • Creekside Eco-Lodge (forming)

    Former B&B with 5 suites and common kitchen, dining, and living areas on 10 acres in rural Southwest Michigan. Woods, gardens, stream and open lawn in beautiful, private setting is undergoing transformation into a gay-friendly, environmentally sensitive, self-sustaining, organic farm and intentional community for open minded, peaceful, loving humans. 

    Opportunities for local employment, small business start-up and community gardening and much
    more. Surprisingly progressive Village and friendly environment. Photos available!

    Kevin Kline
    P.O. Box 280
    Mendon MI 49072

  • Dancing Rabbit

    Our goal is to build a small town that is truly sustainable and socially responsible. We are constructing off-the-grid, strawbale-and-cob homes on 280 acres in northeast Missouri. One subcommunity is an income sharing FEC community called Skyhouse. We have a close working relationship with Sandhill Farm, a 23-year-old egalitarian community nearby. Dancing Rabbit’s only pre-requisite for membership is agreeing to the sustainability guidelines. The model of subcommunities allows social and cultural diversity among members. Several of the current members are queer and the community culture can be characterized as queer-positive.

    Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
    1 Dancing Rabbit Lane
    Rutledge, MO 63563 660-883-5511

  • Folle Terre

    The EuroFaeries is a movement in Europe of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gendered people and their supporters, who believe that all gay people have a unique identity and cultural heritage within humanity. The EuroFaeries provide alternatives to urban gay culture.

    In 2005 they purchased land in Europe, called Folle Terre. The EuroFaeries produces an annual program of meetings, circles, workshops and a few international gatherings, among other events. Although so far most activities are concentrated in Holland, there are quite a few events in Germany, France and England. 

    France, Europe


  • Footprint Acres (Forming)

    Footprint Acres is a new ecovillage for all GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender) individuals and families to explore an environmentally sustainable community from a queer sensibility. Ecological sustainability is the primary focus of our long-term vision. We strive to be good stewards of our land. Our values include sustainable living, simplicity, social and environmental justice, and reverence for the Earth and all living things. Our mission is to develop and demonstrate a model of living in harmony with the land and with each other.
    PO Box 87
    Lower Lake, CA 95457
    Phone: 707-995-2721

  • Ganas

    We’re about 75 adults of varied ages, philosophies and ethnicities. Most of the Ganas population is heterosexual, but members are very welcoming of sexual diversity. We live in eight well-maintained buildings with lovely gardens.

    In our five commercial buildings nearby, we recycle and resell furniture, clothing, household goods, art work and lots more. In April 1996 we bought a 54 room hotel with large campgrounds and outdoor concert facilities, an indoor stage and disco, a swimming pool, a small lake, and a stream – all on 72 acres about 100 miles north of NYC in the Catskill Mountains. Eventually, the new project, called G.R.O.W. II (Group Realities Open Workshops), proposes to offer cultural programs, fitness and relaxation workshops, and a full retreat and conference center. Our purpose (both at G.R.O.W. II and at Ganas) is learning to dialogue with emotional as well as conceptual truth, love and intelligence. 

    Everyone joins in discussion of problems that concern them directly. Some work outside the community and cover their expenses with cash. For the most part we all help each other with whatever, whenever possible.

    Ganas, NYC
    135 Corson Ave.
    Staten Island, NY 10301-2933
    phone: 718-720-5378

    G.R.O.W. II
    548 Cooley Rd.
    Parksville, NY 12768

  • The Hermitage

    The Hermitage at Mahantongo Spirit Garden is a sacred site and retreat center, a place where spirit and earth join together in harmony, healing and wholeness. As pantheists, we believe everything is alive and spirit. The spirits have spoken through us to write the Third Testament, the conclusion to the Judeo-Christian Bible by taking it into the post-Christian era. Visitors and guests of diverse sexualities and spiritual paths are welcome with advance notice if possible. Write for a free sample copy of our newsletter. Retreats and workshops are offered in the summer. We are a working farm and crafts center.

    The Hermitage
    Pitman, PA 17964
    Attention: Bro. Johannes
    Phone (570)425-2548

  • Kyn Hearth

    a polyamorous, vegetarian ecovillage. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of southwestern Virginia on 69 acres of wooded land, Kyn Hearth is currently “under construction” with one small cabin (12′ X 16′ with a sleeping loft), a 7′ X 20′ travel trailer. There is a native trout stream running through the middle of the land, numerous clean fresh water springs, a small organic garden, and solar panels. Committed to the twin principles of interpersonal and environmental sustainability, Kyn Hearth is open to and supportive of all healthy relationship orientations, including gay, bi, trans, poly, lesbian, and celibate sexual orientations. The present “main” focus though, is on creating a polyamorous extended family/community. For more information check out the Website , or e-mail Pat .

    Kyn Hearth
    1398 Cox Store Road, SW
    Floyd, Virginia 24091

  • Meadowdance (Forming)

    is an egalitarian, child centered communityMeadowdance welcomes human diversity, ecological sensibility, mutual learning and joy. At this date (early in 2000), ten to twenty people have plans to move to a 165 acre site in Plainfield, Vermont, in Spring 2000, thereby to proceed with building this intentional community and supporting each other’s lifestyle, spiritual and sexual choices. A number of our participants and possible future members identify as lesbian or gay. Please visit our website , join us on-line, call contact numbers, and come to walk the gorgeous hills with us.

    Meadowdance Community Group
    future site: Plainfield, VT
    Contact Person: Ken Walden
    427 Merrimac St
    Newburyport, MA 01950

  • Queer Ecovillage (to be named)

    Forming Community Description: A forming farm and wilderness-based eco-community for LGBTQI and Native spirit people with a emphasis in creating a majority female-centered space proposed for the Gainesville, Florida area.We envision a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, affirmatively anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homo & transphobic family friendly space. We share a long-term commitment to sustainable living, self sufficiency, social justice and a return to a healthy relationship with the Earth and all life.We offer a natural alternative to urban migration of queer people by providing a non-urban “back to land” space that can facilitate healing relationships between people and between people and the living Earth.

    Naomi or Susan
    Gainesville, FL United States
    Phone: 828-230-1404

  • Short Mountain

    Short Mountain Sanctuary is an intentional faerie community nestled deep in the lush wooded hills of middle Tennessee. We are a collective providing safe space for queer folk of diverse descriptions. As a community we strive to live lightly on the land and to maintain an environment which is open, free and stimulating to each person’s growth and creativity.

    We are anti-authoritarian and make decisions by consensus at our weekly family meetings. The residents get water from a spring, use an outhouse and heat with woodstoves. Some of the living spaces are lit only by candles and kerosene lamps. There is some sun-generated electricity in the main buildings. There is a variety of homemade structures housing one to four people each. 

    We grow much of the food we eat, as well as culinary and medicinal herbs and flowers. A herd of goats supplies milk for cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

    We publish a quarterly magazine, RFD: A Country Journal for Queer Folk Everywhere, and host two ten-day faerie gatherings in May and October. Short Mountain has existed in its current form since 1981 and three other
    intentional communities have formed nearby.

    Short Mountain Sanctuary
    247 Sanctuary Lane
    Liberty, TN 37095
    Phone: 615-563-4397

  • Starland

    Starland is a retreat center and community located in Southern California’s high desert region. Through our umbrella organization, Community Visions, we run a number of special interest groups and events, both a tour retreat facility and at other locations. We generally promote polysexual and polyamorous lifestyles, erotic spirituality, clothing-optional events, freedom from substance abuse and having fun in a playful, child-like manner. We also serve as the Southern California Radical Faeries Sanctuary and hold regular faerie gatherings. Starland is available to other groups as a site for gatherings, retreats and workshops. We are constantly growing and expanding our facility and community.

    56925 Yucca Trail #355 PMB
    Yucca Valley, CA 92284
    Phone: 760-364-2069

  • Twin Oaks 

    “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re income-sharing!” Twin Oaks is an eco-village of 100 women, men and children in central Virginia. We are a mixed (straight/GLB) community with a culture that includes and welcomes lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, etc. We are rural and yet close to several city/cultural centers. Twin Oaks has been a model of sustainable community living since 1967. We can offer you: work in our community businesses (hammock/chair-making, tofu-making, and book-indexing), an abundance of homegrown, organic food, a thriving social scene, and an established culture of non-violence and egalitarianism. You can offer us: your talents and skills (or your unskilled enthusiasm) and your desire to live an ecological and income-sharing lifestyle. Our members enjoy a flexible work schedule, a mix of ages living together, living lightly on the land by sharing resources, and an environment that is safe for all people–women, men, lesbians, gays, and children alike. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit.

    Twin Oaks Community
    138 Twin Oaks Rd
    Louisa VA 23093


  • WindTree Ranch

    Over 1000 acres of primative high desert with crystal lined trails to hike. A non-profit eco-village with self-sustainable goals and some modern comforts. Come, to see beautiful views, have privacy, enjoy quiet, and experience self-renewal. Bring your self-defined family too. Children are very welcome too. See our notice in the new Communities Directory .
    Contact Name: Jacque Zaleski
    RR 2 Box 1
    Douglas, AZ 85607-9802
    Phone: 520-364-4611




How to List Your Community
To have your community listed in this Directory please fill out our form.

Confidential Listing Services
For wimmin’s communities email:
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Wimmin’s/Lesbian Communities & Resources
There is a growing number of intentional communities formed specifically for lesbians and/or wimmin. Wimmin who would like more information, please send an SASE to:
QIC Wimmin’s Contact
c/o Spiral
HC 72 Box 94A
Monticello, KY 42633
Or, email:

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