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Below is information on ecovillages where feminism is a core value. There are also many wimmin’s lands around the country. Many are open to all women, and some only to lesbians. We maintain a resource list of wimmin’s lands. Contact to receive it, with “Women’s Resource List” in the subject line.


Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, living in harmony with the earth is the heart and soul of our community. We strive to live by our ideals, Feminist Ecovillages 1demonstrating a new way humans can relate to the natural world. We grow our own organic vegetables and build our homes with earth-friendly materials. We live, work, and play together, with cooperation and feminism as two of our basic principles. We share delicious organic meals every day and make decisions by consensus. We strive to communicate with each other from the heart, listening with open minds.

While our dream is to be a village of 500, we currently have a core group of 10, with interns, visitors and friends bringing our numbers into the 20’s. We are living in our first cluster of strawbale homes nestled amidst winding paths through gardens and past wild berry brambles near the pond. We take pride in stewarding our 280 beautiful acres of rolling hills, streams, prairies, and woods.

We are actively seeking new members. If you’re looking for a nurturing home where you can live more sustainably and make a difference in the world, come visit us – help make our ecovillage grow!



Feminist Ecovillages 2Earthaven was founded as an intentional ecovillage in 1994 and established on 325 forested acres in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. Here, amid some of the most diverse plant life in the world, with flowing creeks and fresh mountain springs, live 35 brave and adventurous souls, dedicated to broad cultural transformation.

We have staked our time and assets on the importance of providing living examples of sustainable, regenerative eco-spiritual culture. In our brief history, we have accomplished the first stages of learning and demonstrating natural building techniques, appropriate technologies, permaculture gardening and forestry, and consensus decision making.

Healthy, multi-cultural, economically viable, spiritually diverse, ecologically responsible-this is the visions that calls us forward into this new millennium. If our example interests or inspires you, please visit our web site at or write us at 1025 Camp Elliott Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711, USA.

Weekly tours, workdays, membership opportunities, educational programs and more are available. An “infopak” and year’s subscription to our quarterly newsletter are available for a $15 contribution.


Twin Oaks

Feminist Ecovillages 3Is there a place
where people are working to create an alternative culture?
where I can live with diverse and interesting people?
where I can feel comfortable walking home at night?

Is there a place
where i can choose my own work?
where i don’t have to worry about bills
or hassle with commuting to work?

There is such a place, and you could live there.

Twin Oaks is one of the oldest, largest ecovillages in the US. We are 100 people income-sharing on 450 acres in rural Virginia. We grow much of our own food, run several community-owned businesses and don’t use money internally. We offer a wide range of work including gardening, construction, making tofu and hammocks, indexing books and more. We enjoy a flexible work- schedule, a mix of ages living together, living sustainably by sharing resources and an environment that is safe for all people– women, men, lesbians, gays, and children alike. Our values include non-violence, feminism and participatory government. Twin Oaks is a secular community which has no rigid dogma and embraces diversity.



WestWind is an intentional womyn’s land community located on 106 beautiful acres on a mesa in Northern New Mexico east of Santa Fe. We are a group of seven lesbians committed to creating a radical lesbian feminist environment away from at least some of the elements of patriarchy. It is a place to experiment and create a piece of the womyn’s culture we dream of, to explore future visions and to work toward different ways of living. We provide a place that is safe from men, a resource for womyn, and a place for womyn to live in community.

This land of meadows interspersed with trees, a small pond and a red rock arroyo is isolated at the end of a mesa with incredible views. The land we purchased in 1995 had no structures or utilities. The current residents, with help from dozens of womyn in alternative building workshops and apprenticeships, have built four strawbale homes and 3 smaller passive solar homes, a round cob community building and a sauna. Most buildings have solar powered lights and all collect rainwater for our gardens and trees. We have also had workshops on group dynamics for ourselves and other landdykes.

The land and community facilities are owned by a tax-exempt land trust, allowing the land to be passed on to future generations of womyn with similar values. We will finish paying for the land in the Fall of 2003.

WestWind is a demsonstration project of a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle and also what lesbians can do in an intentional land community. We invite womyn to visit, camp and live with us for short or extended periods. (Contributions are welcome but not necessary.) We are interested in expanding our community, and we are rethinking our process for incorporating new members.

P.O Box 304
Ribera, N.M 87560
Tel: 505-470-7306


Spiral Wimmin’s Land Trust

Spiral was established as wimmin-only space in 1980 on 300 acres in rural KY. We recognise that the land is a sacred heritage, belonging to herself.

There are two houses, seven cabins, a campground, organic gardens, two barns and a community centre under construction. Most of the land is wooded, with 3 cleared fields and a road winding past the houses to the top of the ridge, where two members use solar power and care for goats, chickens and a horse.

We have an array of rural skills and experiences and share the love of the earth, sustainability, wimmin’s spirituality, consensus, conflict resolution, and a sense of humor. We have developed several cottage industries – a CSA organic garden (Community Shared Agriculture), woven rugs, artwork and handmade hammocks.

Our Vision: to share with lesbians looking for community, tribe, family. Wimmin who want to challenge themselves to live simply and more egalitarian in a unique, womon-centred rural enviroment. Lesbians who are willing to work on their own individual growth and also work towards improving communication skills using non-violent communication and compassionate listening.

We are looking for community members, supportive members, apprentices and visitors.


SuBAMUH Women’s Land Trust

This women’s intentional living and educational community is known by the initials formed from it’s very long name ‘Susan B Anthony Memorial Unrest Home’, pronounced Suh Bam’ Uh.

It has three purposes:

1) Provide feminist and ecological education for women – workshops, special events, skills learning;
2) Offer scenic and economical space for women to live on 150 aces of beautiful wooded hills in Southeastern Ohio – short term stays, exploring membership and full residential membership;
3) Make available safe rest and recreation space for women – camping for individual and group events, day use of land, retreats, swimming pond, hiking trails.
Educational programs this season include: Carpentry workshop, June 28; Feminist Girl’s Camp-out, July 12-13; Land Dyke Gathering, August 19-26.

See our website for more information:


Resource’s for Wimmin’s Lands

Shewolf’s Directory of Wimmin’s Lands (and lesbian communities) is available by snailmail only. It contains the philosophies and contacts for over 100 wimmin’s settlements and gathering places in the USA, Canada, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand. Ordering: Wimmin’s Land Directory, Box 655, Madisonville LA, 70447. $13.00 to USA, $15.00 to Canada, $18.00 to all countries. For additional information by email contact or

Lesbian Connection also lists lesbian lands. Elsie Publishing Institute, PO Box 811, East Lansing, MI 48826.

Maize magazine is a lesbain country journal. Contact them at 1026 Thomas Valley Rd, Whittier, NC 28789 or PO Box 1297, Berlin, MD 21811. Sub: $5 an issue or 4 issues/year–$15. This magazine is a great networking resource for wimmin living on the land or wimmin looking to visit lands, and has a directory in each issue of wimmin’s lands.

Queer in Community is “the intentional communities network for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trangendereds, queers, faeries, dykes adnd the people who love us”. Our website is at and lists communities that are queer or queer friendly. For specifically wimmin’s communities, Mary <> is the wimmin’s community contact person. She maintains a list of wimmin’s communities that she will send to wimmin but they are not posted on the website.

Lesbian Natural Resources (LNR) is a networking source for lesbian communities. It was established oer nine years ago to be a resource for community owned (not-for-profit) lesbian lands and rural lesbians in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. LNR has a program for sharing rural living skills through their apprenticeship program. They do not maintain a contact list of rural communities to visit. For more information, write LNR at PO Box 8742, Minneapolis, MN 55408-0742. LNR also publishes a booklet, Lavender Pages. Lavender Pages is a directory of self described opportunities for apprenticeship, aprentices looking for coaches, a bank of skills landykes need or will share with others, items have served well or are ready to to be passed on, items that landykes are in need of, lands looking for lesbians and lesbians looking for lands. To purchase a copy send $6 to LNR at the above address.

Association of Lesbian Intentional Communities (ALIC) is a web based resource <>

Here is contact information for the women’s communities listed in the Communities Directory and a few others we know of:

  • Chester Creek – Lesbian household, Duluth, MN, <>
  • Huntington Open Women’s Land – Land Trust, VT, <>
  • Spiral Wimmin – Land Trust and farm, KY, <>
  • We’Moon Land – Rural, OR, <
  • Woman’s World – Rural, LA, <>
  • Full Circle Farm, Rural, NC 27344-7152. 919 742 5959
  • Carefree Resorts (gated lesbian retirement community) 914-713-3208

There is lots of information on communities in general on the Intentional Communities website, The Communities Directory, where the above listings came from, has lots more info and is available from that website.

Contact Valerie at for more information.


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