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Fedorovtsy is the Russian Orthodox commune locates in the village Staraya Tishanka, in the province of Voronezh. It appeared in 1922 as a part of the Underground Church, the movement refused the official Russian Orthodox Church, collaborated with the Soviet state. Members refused to take part in the Soviet life and organizations or enroll to the army. They tried to live simple life by subsistence farming and don’t save up the property. Most of them spend years in prisons but kept the old peasant’s lifestyle, relationships and culture disappeared in most of the Russian countryside. Especially they keep tradition of spiritual songs.
Now commune is dying out. In 1970 it numbered about 120 members, in 2008 about 30, and most of them are very old.
In contrast to most of the Russian Orthodox underground and old-believers communities Fedorovtsy are open to strangers. Guests are welcome – especially interested in Russian Orthodoxy or old-believer’s culture.


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