O’Quinn Mountain Village World Community

Portland, Oregon, United States

  • Last updated: March 26, 2016 (1 year ago)
  • Listing created on: May 2, 2010

Mission Statement

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Community Description

March 2016
We are ready to buy land (or invest in an interview sta lusher intentional community), and have decided to do it in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area. We are currently “camping” until we find our spot.

The O’Quinn family has sold and given away all of their possessions to move their farming activities from California to the Portland/Vancouver area.

We have spent the past 10 years helping farms and teaching by example about food, community service, and varying degrees of sustainable lifestyle practices. We are ready now to buy some land and continue our legacy as urban farmers.

We are now successfully living in our camper truck while establishing employment in preparation for a real estate loan (which could take 6 months or longer!)

We like to move our camp every week as to keep the energy fresh and our hosts happy.

We are expert at leaving a small footprint and allowing our hosts their privacy. We are also open to socializing with our hosts and sharing more of our story 😉

Plus! We have skills to share if that suits our hosts (handyman, chef, crafter, healer, dance instructor, house/pet/livestock care-takers, permaculture, master gardener).

Our rig is fully self contained (but we do appreciate electricity, water, and wifi whenever it is offered).

Our camp consists of the camper truck and two cars.

Papaw Cornelius
Mamaw Ann
Mommy Blu
Baby Jude

Mountain Village World Community
Jul 14, 2010
Description of Mountain Village Community

We are O’Quinn Mountain Village Homestead & World Community Gardens. Our core group consists of, Ann O’Quinn (age 42 – Earth Mamma), Cornelius O’Quinn (age 52 – Celtic Druid Building Contractor Mountain Man), Blu O’Quinn (age 18 – Sparkly Swing Dancin River Guide Chic), Derek Suhar (age 20 – Groovy Grounded Community Dude). See our pics and blogs on website. We are a semi-nomadic sustainable community with permaculture tendancies who like to cross-pollinate.

We offer ourselves to land-owners for a contracted period of time to do good work with Mother Earth and within the surrounding community. Our community ranges from 4-10 interns. We have a core group of 4 members, and we cycle other traveling interns in and out of the mix for special projects throughout the year. Sometimes we have chickens, cats, and dogs. We garden, clear/burn brush, care for animals, compost, barter, build, make music, reach out to youth, and participate in community events and farmer’s markets (we are known for our raw, organic nut/seed butters, carrot juice, and kombucha teas). While permaculture is mostly known for its application in gardens or land development, its broader definition is the study of living systems. While Mountain Village is quite involved with organic gardening, we are known and appreciated for the space that we create for the organic unfoldment within group dynamics, personal relationships, and the greater community.


  • Type(s): Commune (organized around sharing almost everything), Ecovillage (organized around ecology and sustainability), Cohousing (individual homes within group owned property)
  • Programs & Activities: Volunteer, Internship, or Apprenticeship, WWOOF’ing, Guest Farming, Festivals, Conferences, Events
  • Location: To be Determined


  • Status: We do not have land
  • Planned Residence Types: Multi-family homes, Room(s) in a house or building, Tiny house, Yurt, tee-pee, dome, treehouse, or tent
  • Housing Provided: Purchase


  • Adult Members: 3
  • Child Members: 1
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Visitor Process:

    please e-mail

  • Open to new Members: Yes


  • Decision Making: By a board, council, group of elders, or leadership group
  • Identified Leader: Yes, multiple identified leaders
  • Leadership Core Group: Yes


  • Dues, Fees, or Shared Expenses: Yes
  • Shared Income: Partial share of income
  • Required Labor Contribution per Week: 0
  • Open to members with existing debt: Yes
  • Additional Comments:

    we are not responsible for your preexistng debt..

    3 to 4 hours of labor per day, but may vary depending on the farm we are located at

Sustainability Practices

  • Planned renewable energy generation: Almost All, around 90%
  • Current food produced: 0%, or close to 0%
  • Planned food produced: Almost All, around 90%
  • Food produced locally: From 50-75%


  • Shared meals: 2-5 times per week
  • Dietary Practice: Omnivorous (plants and animals), Paleo (no grains, dairy, processed foods, or legumes), Local (food sourced within 150 miles), Organic (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers), GMO Free (only non-genetically modified organisms), Mostly Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan, Opportunivore (dumpster diving, nature harvesting, etc.), Raw or Mostly Raw, Kosher, Halal, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free
  • Dietary Choice or Restrictions: No – people may eat however they wish.
  • Special Diets OK: Yes
  • Alcohol Use: Yes, used occasionally.
  • Tobacco Use: Yes, used seldomly, or ceremoniously.
  • Common Spiritual Practice(s): Ecumenical (accepts all religions or spiritual practices)
  • Education Style(s): Home Schooling, Up to each family or individual
  • Healthcare Options: Up to each family or individual

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