Mother Earth

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Mother Earth

(Spokane, Arizona, United States)

Mission Statement:

Living life to the fullest

Community Description:

If gray skies get you down, officially we’re in the sunniest area of the United States, with an annual average possible sunshine ranking of 90 percent, based on at nearly five decades of official government records.

And yes, it’s a dry heat – average annual rainfall is around three inches a year, and humidity is generally low except during the summer monsoon season (July, August).

Nights can be cool during the winter – that’s why you’ll see locals bundled up while visitors go less – but hard freezes are rare, allowing vegetables and citrus to flourish through the winter.

And your nose will know it’s March from the perfume of orange blossoms wafting on the breeze!

Our Intentional Community is open and being planned and laid out for use. Close to some 500 acres of access.


  • Type(s): Spiritual or Religious Community or Organization


  • Area: 500 acres
  • Land owned by: An absentee landlord
  • Additional Comments: this is up to 500 acreas of access

    They are great! and live close by.

    these will be contructed or moved in by members, and be from a framed structure to a converted bus


  • Adult Members: 6
  • Non-member Residents: 2
  • Open to new Members: Yes
  • Additional Comments: This is up to the individual

    This is up to the individual


  • Decision Making: By a board, council, group of elders, or leadership group
  • Identified Leader: Yes
  • Leadership Core Group: Yes


  • Dues, Fees, or Shared Expenses: Yes
  • Shared Income: Partial share of income
  • Required Labor Contribution per Week: 0
  • Open to members with existing debt: Yes
  • Additional Comments: Only assistance in securing and maintaining land and use

    Expenses above and beyond normal

Sustainability Practices

  • Current food produced: From 50-75%


  • Shared meals: 1-3 times per month
  • Dietary Practice: Other
  • Dietary Choice or Restrictions: Not at all important – people may eat however they individually choose.
  • Alcohol Use: Yes, used occasionally.
  • Tobacco Use: Yes, used occasionally.
  • Additional Diet Comments: This is up to the individual

    This is up to the individual

    This is up to the individual

  • Common Spiritual Practice(s): Native American, Buddhist, Paganism/Earth Religions, Eclectic (integrates pieces from many religions), Other
  • Education Style(s): Home Schooling, Public Schooling

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Community Network or Organization Affiliations

Ecovillage Network of the Americas, The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC)

Community Affiliations

Mother Earth


Commune, Hippy, Road Dawgs, Hippi,

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