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Listing created on: March 7, 2005

Mackenzie Heights Collective

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

  • Status: Established
  • Formed: 1971  Established: 1971
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Open to new Members: No
  • Website address:
  • Contact Name: Mackenzie Heights Collective
  • Address:
    Dunbar/Kitsilano Neighbourhood
    Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • Visitor Process

    Visitors accepted: Yes
    Those interested in visiting us should contact us in advance via email. We prefer to choose a time when many of us are here to meet our visitors and exchange information and ideas.

  • Membership Process

    Open to new Members: No
    We are not currently seeking new housemates but will post a listing here when we are.

Mission Statement:

cooperative living

Community Description:

The MacKenzie Heights Collective, formerly known as the King Edward House, has been a cooperative household for over 40 years in the Kitsilano/Dunbar neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. We have been operating under the same basic principles of shared living since we were established. We share vegetarian meals, social gatherings, environmental consciousness, ideas and laughter.

Each member of the community cooks one vegetarian dinner per week, and we rotate shopping and household chores. We buy our groceries primarily from local or organic suppliers. Our shared meals are vegetarian, although individuals do on occasion eat meat within the house as a separate event from our shared dinners. We have hosted a variety of community gatherings including study groups, potlucks, music nights and occasional dance parties (hallowe’en, new years).

Our large, character home has plenty of common spaces, hardwood floors, a fireplace, a cold cellar, and a great view of the mountains and city. We have created a front yard that contains many plants which are indigenous to the Cascadia Bioregion and large trees that shield our home from the road. The backyard has our vegetable/herb gardens, patio, shed/garage, and compost system. We have excellent, quick bus service to UBC and downtown, as well as secure indoor bicycle storage.


  • Child Members: 1
  • Percent Women: 50%
  • Percent Men: 50%
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Open to new Members: No

Social Factors


  • Decision Making: Consensus (everyone agrees)
  • Identified Leader: No
  • Leadership Core Group: No
  • Additional Comments: We are small enough that we all participate in major decisions.

Land and Buildings

  • Housing Provided: Yes, for all or most members.
  • Location: Urban, Urban
  • Area: 0.1 acres
  • Land owned by: An absentee landlord
  • Current number of residences: 1

Labor and Money

  • Shared Income: Members have completely independent finances
  • Shared Expenses: Little or no share of expenses
  • Required Labor contribution: 0
  • Join Fee: No
  • Regular Fee: 0
  • Additional Comments: We are all responsible for contributing efforts to maintain and improve the household.

    We each contribute $55/week for groceries, plus share in the purchase of household supplies.


  • Shared meals: Approximately all dinners
  • Current food produced: Up to 25%
  • Dietary Choice or Restrictions: Very important – we all share a common diet.
  • Dietary Practice: Mostly Vegetarian
  • Alcohol Use: Yes, used occasionally.
  • Tobacco Use: No, this community does not permit tobacco use.
  • Additional comments: Our communal dinners are a key part of the household’s social structure.

    We have great garden space.

    We eat vegetarian meals, although some members eat meat in the house as well.

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Community Affiliations

Zentrum Waldegg

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Special thanks to the sponsors of our Art of Community Events.