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Hope Ofiriha

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Hope Ofiriha an NGO

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HOPE Ofiriha was founded by ten widows on July 27th, 1999. The organization is registered with Magwi County local government – Department of community services.

Initially the organization assisted widows only, to identify and implement solutions to a variety of problems confronting women in Onura during the war. Local training and other projects promoting the conditions of widows were initiated. Since its inception Mr. William Ochieng and Ms. Linda Acen re – started HOPE Ofiriha in 2006. They broadened its original purpose and began to encompass projects beyond those narrowly aimed at widow’s training. The organization subsequently embarked to promote the issues affecting women, young girls, and children as a whole in the marginalized communities within Magwi County Sudan. To learn more visit our web site at:,




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