Hidden Forest Dwellers

Last updated: July 12, 2013 (2 years ago)

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Hidden Forest Dwellers

(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Mission Statement:

eco-survival forest camp

Community Description:

I’ve been asked by a friend who doesn’t use computers to list a proposed community, to be located on government owned forested land somewhere. His reasoning is that he has just as much right to do this as the gov had in taking the land in the first place, abusing it and creating a system whereby low income people can’t buy good land in good locations, so they end up living in the poor parts of cities or other undesirable situations. Due to the vastness of our forests, he doubts he’ll ever be found, and if he is, he thinks they’ll just boot him off, whereupon, he says he’ll just locate somewhere else. But, he says, since he thinks the world is heading into severe recession and other big problems, he thinks everyone will have too many others things to worry about besides a few squatters who are doing no harm. And the trick, he says, is to hide it well and make the trail in difficult to follow. He’s a very back-to-the-land, ecological kind of guy, who is fun to be around and also has a spiritual outlook on life. He has some wilderness skills and is keen to gather more. He can build log cabins and other things. He wants to live near a lake with good fishing, and not too far from a town, so that he and those who join him can come and go as they need to, and have access to goods and services, though he figures they can get most of what they need from the forest. The idea will be leave vehicles in the town, then hike to the community location in the forest. Okay, I’ve done my part. If you contact me, I’ll relay the message to him and he’ll get back to you. I won’t fill in all the details here, but maybe more later. Please note this community does not exist, but exists as an idea and will perhaps come to be someday


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Land and Buildings

Labor and Money

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