Grishino Community

Last updated: September 30, 2004 (11 years ago)

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Grishino Community

(Leningradskaya oblast’, Russian Federation)

Mission Statement:

Community Description:

In the northwest of Russia, in the historical village of Grishino (300 km North East of St. Petersburg), at the confluence of two rivers for a number of years we have lived and built an ecological village and a center for spiritual and educational programs.
We are followers of different spiritual traditions united by the aspiration to live in harmony with Mother Nature and with each other. We believe that all inner paths lead to the One Source and that the divine light dwells in the heart of every being. We seek that light through prayers, meditations, chanting and dances, as well as in our daily work, creating a space of love for ourselves and our children.
Seven of us are living in Grishino all year round. We have two community houses in traditional Russian style, and some of us are building their own log houses. We have several vegetable gardens, and a large wild flower field. Our ecovillage is surrounded by natural forests, where we gather lots of herbs, berries, and mushrooms. There live many kinds of wild birds and animals, like beavers, moose, bears, hares, foxes, wolves, wild cats, and many others. We are starting a project on ecological forest management.
We aim to continue the cultural traditions of our ancestors, restore the folk arts, their songs and dances, woodworking, ceramics, village architecture, and build a school of joy for our children. Each summer we hold seminars for adults and children where one can participate in the spiritual life and work of our community and to merge with the spirit of Russian nature.
Nearby there is a beautiful wooden church, built in 1696.


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