Want to Advertise?

FIC offers advertising in it’s Magazine, Website, and Communities Directory book.

Below are summaries of each option. For assistance and recommendations to fit your goals and budget, contact the Ad Manager at Ads@ic.org or 443-422-3741.

Classified Ads – text based ads in the magazine or online, or place them together at a combined rate. Starts at only $20 per month, or $35 for a combo.

Online Ads – 20 display ads run down the right hand side of ic.org. Around 300,000 page views per month yield 100-300 clicks to your website! $100 to $400 per month. Save 25% for 3 months, or 50% for 1 year. Place online ads any time.

Magazine Ads – 6 sizes range from $50 to $400. Save 40% when you go for 1 year. Reach over 1,500 subscribers, bookstore and event goers, plus into digital formats in multiple marketplaces

Spring – ships March 1st, Ads are due by February 1st
Summer – ships June 1st, Ads are due by May 1st
Fall – ships September 1st,  Ads are due by August 1st
Winter – ships December 1st, Ads are due by November 1st


Communities Directory Ads A new edition of this legendary print book is now in construction, with updated community listings, fresh articles, and bonus content. Place ads from $100 to $500 based on the desired size and number of placements. This book will ship in March. Directory Ads are due by February 1st

Ad Packages – Check out the Communities Sponsorship, Website Sponsorship, and Directory Sponsorship Ad Packages to get the best bang for your buck! You’ll appear in multiple places to reach the most people you can, at half the price. Contact Ads@ic.org for help.


Advertising Reviews

“Our ad was amazingly successful — I was both startled and pleased. I had to scramble to keep up with the response! I will definitely advertise our events here in the coming years.”—Karen Savage Taylor, Registration, Earthaven Ecovillage

“We advertise in Communities because we get calls from just the people we’re looking for.” —Living Shelter Crafts, Sedona, AZ

May I help you with that?

If you’d like to share your marketing goals, budget, and timeline, I would be happy to offer some ideas and advice. I can also provide which ad or ad packages could work best for you. Please let me know, Christopher at Ads@ic.org or 443-422-3741, if I may be of assistance.

Thank you for supporting FICan organization dedicated to furthering intentional communities!


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