Younger Woman Couple Seeking Intentional Community *We have experience.

by Teresa D.
Seeking Community
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Our names are Teresa and Nicole. We decided quite a while ago that we wanted to either start or become part of an intentional community, after experiences with some.  We love nature to it’s core and believe that the only way to share love of Mother Earth with other earthlings is to model what we would love to see here. We are looking to move this month or very beginning of September for something temporary. 🙂  (Right now we live in a very toxic climate in Los Angeles, and are seeking to move asap.) The location will definitely have water sources nearby, as we cannot survive in a desert atmosphere.

Precise location for permanent move to be revealed by the Universe. (Not to sound hokey.)

We both are originally New Englanders, but never felt we fit in there. I’m 35, and my wife is 23. We moved to California a year ago, and found that this was not the place for us to settle.  We both like to live simpler lives, and will eventually be wanting to start our own small family when we settle down.

My wife is strong, I’m handy and smart. Our income right now is from disability (read below) , and once we settle, my wife will be attending school to get her degree. I might even attend for a second degree.

What we contribute: I would love to learn more about gardening and homesteading (I’m also natural at it), my wife is strong, and a very talented athlete, I have been told my cooking is very good (I love to cook for others, and not only just for us as a couple), we are both handy, I have worked with wild and domesticated animals professionally and in education settings, I am also a Life Coach, Psychic, Healer, Angelic Guide, Crystal-worker, I also have a degree in classical voice, I am also a self-taught artist, (so, I’m quite creative with ideas for anything generally, including problem-solving), my wife also has experience with domesticated pets, We’re New Englanders, supposedly tough as nails? 🙂

What we desire in a community: Must be rural or fairly rural. No 420/pot (no judgment, I am allergic). Little to no drinking b/c we do not drink. No smoking of anything or nicotine substances b/c we are allergic. Limited use of electronics. Omnivore diet allowed. Parking space for a vehicle. Gardening. Established or establishing/growing community with land. Children allowed. Must be inclusive of all people, including genders. (Co-ed or female-only.) Must have private space, but need use of community space (to build community). Wifi/Internet access available. Good cellphone reception (ATT)? Sustainability practices in place, or written down, or in process of being written down and Democratic processes of community.


We both basically want to raise our family with others who are well-rounded and kind human beings. We try to live by the philosophy of not judging others, but discerning instead. And we give respect, as we expect it as well. The reason we are looking for rural or mostly/semi rural, is that I am very sensitive to energy and electricity. The place we land would also have to be near a town I can start my business in.

No community is perfect. If you have a new one, and need some advice along with us, we have experience. We’ve lived in a tiny home in a co-housing situation, lived in an intentional community, belonged to a very loving spiritual community, and even been homeless. We have many abilities to think clearly and communicate clearly. And we know the power of written documents and regulations and the positive effect they can have on forming communities.

Thank you and Peace,

Teresa and Nicole 

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