Young family looking to share our 20 acres

by Kaylie
Community Forming

We are a young (growing) family looking to share our 20 acres in Bayfield, Wisconsin with 1-3 other young families. We envision having separate households, but sharing and trading things like childcare, cooking, garden space, animal care, building projects, cars, tools, etc. Most of all we are looking for friendship and like minded folks that want to work together to live sustainably, heal the earth, and have fun doing it.

We have been living on this land for 5 years now. We love this little piece of earth that we call home, but we are really missing a sense of close knit community. The Bayfield Peninsula is a lovely little place, with an abundance of clean water and forest along with many homesteaders, back to the Landers,  healers, farmers, and artists. Yet, it is a very rural and spread out community.

We live on a dead end road, about 1/2 mile from The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. It’s a 20 minute walk down to the lake for us, and we are surrounded by forest and hiking trails. The 20 acres is half cleared, half forested. We currently live in a yurt, but should be in the house we are building by this winter. At that point the yurt would be available for others to live until they could build their own home. We also have a 28′ camper that is in good living condition. In addition to the 20 acres, there are two 10 and one 40 acre parcel adjacent to us that are potentially for sale, yet not on the market.

We are easy going and open minded folks. Currently “We” are a 33 yr old guy, a 27yr old gal, and a 11 month old little gal. We love good food, cooking, sitting around a fire, and exploring the forest, plants, and water ways around us. We have backgrounds  in botany and natural resources  and are interested in alternative building and permaculture but are not religious about it. We have many ideas for our land and the future, but are open and excited to bring new minds and bodies into the mix. Please contact us at [email protected] if interested.