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We Disconnect: To Reconnect is a free twice monthly email newsletter focused on disconnecting from social media, smartphones, the web and mass media in order to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. Topics range from social media vacations to off-the-grid lifestyles.

Each edition features a mini-essay by Clyde Smith plus relevant quotes and links to articles, events and services.

Clyde has a long history of disconnecting in order to reconnect from meditation retreats to an ongoing avoidance of tv. He also has a background in dance, spoken word and social change.

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Note from Clyde:

Some people have been surprised at the idea of an email newsletter with web links about disconnecting from the web and I can understand that. My take is that a lot of people want to keep the benefits of such networks for staying in touch with friends and quickly finding needed information.

But it’s easy to get caught up in addictively checking one’s phone or logging into Facebook. And changing such behavior can be difficult when each use seems to provide its own tiny reward.

For some folks breaking out of those cycles simply means taking a social media vacation or going on a nature retreat. For others getting rid of the whole thing makes the most sense leading to a life off-the-grid.

To dig deeper into these possibilities, I’m sharing my experiences of everything from web withdrawal symptoms to life without a smartphone to device-free meditation retreats. And since lots of folks are examining this topic from every angle, I’m including quotes from great takes on the matter and links to the source in each email newsletter.

We Disconnect: To Reconnect is focused on the growing movement to disconnect from social media, smartphones and the web in order to reconnect with ourselves, our communities and the larger world beyond.

I would love to share with you what I’m finding via my twice monthly email newsletter.

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