Sustainable community Farm in Pencahue Valley, Chile.

by Cesar Puente Pilgrim
Community Forming
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Cerro Del Angel (Hill Of Angels) Farm is located in the Pencahue Valley, just 3 hours South of Santiago de Chile and only 35 minutes from Talca.

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If you have some time please read Plan B and partnership opportunities at Cerro del Angel.

Im looking for one partner to develop three projects that includes 21 Valley view lots with community center,  20 acre Blueberry farm, and  cabins on Pacific ocean view lot.  10% minimum return first year, 12-15% minimum second thru seventh year, and 25-30% after the 7th year when blueberries are in full production.

It takes 7 years for blueberries to reach full production, 4-5 tons per acre average, projection is 80-100 tons for the 20 acres and price averages are $4 to $6 per kilo or 4k to 6k per ton, Projected return is $320k to 600k per year.

Our goal is to create a sustainable and resilient community that provides it’s own organic food, water, renewable energy and wellbeing for all. There will be a 2,000 square foot community center with kitchen, dining hall, Coffee – Wine bar and additional meeting room for workshops and events that align with sustainability, health and organics.

There is no perfect place in Chile or anywhere in the world, but I think the Pencahue farm have all the requirements to make it sustainable and resilient. I build a cabin there on 2013 and I was able to live with $400.00 a month comfortably, with unlimited water from River, canal and well, also have strong winds on top of the hill for wind turbines and plenty of sun for solar pannels. Off the grid is optional, because electricity is available.