Single family home in mini-cohousing community, Oakland CA

by Phoebe
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Opportunity to buy a house and grow a community

Garland Ave Cohousing is a mini-cohousing community of queer families.  We started four years ago when we bought a multi-family property and we have been working hard to build relationships with neighbors and grow our informal network of adjunct community members.  A single family home adjacent to ours will be available on July 1st.  We’re looking for someone who is interested in purchasing the property and becoming a part of our community.  Ideally, we will find someone who shares our cohousing vision and would like to share outdoor space and community dinners. At the very least, we’d like to see the house purchased by a respectful and friendly neighbor.

About us:
We are a community of queer women and kids.  Our grounds have mature fruit trees, amazing vegetable gardens and a patio under the grape arbor.  The kids are often outdoors, picking berries and barrelling down the driveway on scooters.  Our community dinners are potluck, once a week, with a meeting and a work day once a month.  We celebrate occasional Jewish holidays and host a neighborhood barbecue each year.  From April through October, we eat on our shared patio.  During the rainy season, we take turns hosting community dinners in our houses.  We have been building our community for five years and we have great communication, mutual respect, and fun.

About the property for sale:
A home adjacent to our community is coming up for sale in July and we are looking for someone who can buy the house and bring it into our community. The house is about 1000 square feet, with two bedrooms and a large yard. The house is on Fairmount Ave in Oakland, a residential neighborhood just outside Adams Point. The owner is a friend of the community and we’d love to help him find a great person to move into his home of twenty years.  We expect that the property will sell for $700,000-$800,000.  It will require some patience, diplomacy and creativity to link our yard with this one, but we have a plan!

About the neighborhood:
We are just outside Adams Point on a quiet residential street, close to Lake Merritt and downtown.  We’re within walking distance of restaurants, supermarkets, bus lines and 19th Street BART.  We have made connections with many of our neighbors and they are a diverse, kind, interesting group of people.

Q: Wow!  That sounds cool but it is out of my price range.
A: I hear you.  Rent and home prices in the neighborhood are rising fast. If you want to be added to our mailing list for future opportunities, let me know.

Q: Would your community welcome straight people?
A: I think that is a question for you.  If you feel at home around queer folks, then yes.

Next Steps? 
Visit our website and email me.  We’ll have some events to tour our community and meet community members.  The available property will not be available to show until July, but don’t wait until then.  The house will sell quickly and if you want to get to know the community, there won’t be time once it is on the market.

Phoebe Weiss
510 402 8520