Seeking Anyone who has Secured A Zoning Permit & Approved Code for Compact Modular Eco Habitats ( in Vero Beach and o

by Cristiane Roget - Correspondent PR Global Media
Land, Houses, Real Estate

Hello – from Compact Modular Eco Homes in Marina del Rey, CA.

We are seeking anyone (a consultant) who has navigated the permit and zoning regulations for ‘tiny homes’ , ‘ container homes’ or similar homes  in Vero Beach West – Indian River County??  Tailor made Co-Modeco’s are functional – on or off – the grid & do not require a foundation – under ground bio- diversity remains intact.

Our Co-modeco’s are LEED certifiable,  built to spec of Brand New Sustainable Components, solar panels-hemp insulation-water distillation optional, bamboo instead of wood- habitat for humanity fixtures. Our supply line is building 5000 + habitats, work spaces + and ‘growtainers’ a month that are the enviornments friends, hurricane proof and portable.

We have land west of I-95 , zoned for 19 mobile homes.  If you know any one that has similar structures that are LEGAL please contact our office, to assist in expediting this process (Seeking Consultant)  Please write [email protected], [email protected]  or call three one zero two two zero nine one one eight, Pacific Standard Time.  Smith –  Roget or D. Stanford  Much Appreciated.