by Sophia Bowart
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Hawi, Hawaii – On August 20 – 31, 2017, Hawaii based organizations Agroforestry Net and FARM Center will present the Aloha Syntropica—Regeneration Agroforestry Workshop series in Hawi, North Kohala, Hawaii.  These workshops will teach participants techniques for transforming degraded lands such as, former plantation lands and pasture, to productive farms or native forest while using diverse crops to offset the cost of installation.
The educational program provides an immersive experience for landowners and managers including personalized training in both theory and practice and highlighting multiple integrated approaches that make the regeneration of lands for production or conservation feasible both ecologically and economically.  The skills and knowledge shared in they program will transform the way participants understand and practice land management.
According to agroforestry researcher Vieira, “…there are enormous opportunities to include agroforestry systems as a stage in restoration, which have the potential to improve forest restoration efforts and incorporate small farmers in the restoration projects.”
FARM Center is an education, research and training center for agroforestry systems appropriate to the bioregion and local economy.  Agroforestry Net is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to promoting agroforestry, trees and sustainable stewardship of land and water.  Aloha Syntorpica is a collaborative project of FARM Center and Agroforestry Net, with partners Hawaii Homegrown Food Network and Agenda Gotsch, that fosters regeneration agroforestry through research, education, demonstration and community engagement.
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