Project Management and Construction Crew Positions

by Eric Ellis
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Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat & Conference Center seeks applicants for a Project Manager with their Projects Team. We are also putting together a construction crew for the building season.

PROJECT MANAGER POSITION: We are looking for someone with project management and hands on construction experience to lead our large facility improvement projects (E.G., new housing, new and updated utilities, new and updated soaking tubs, bathrooms, etc).

CONSTRUCTION CREW: We are looking for team players with hands on construction experience. A team-oriented attitude, responsible work ethic, and ability to live and work in a cooperative environment are a must.

We cooperatively own and run a holistic retreat center in the West Side of the Cascade Range in Oregon. We are off the grid and operate our own 50kW hydro-electric power plant, use and monitor river water for drinking water, and operate and extensive geothermal radiant heating system. We offer minimum wage, excellent benefits and the advantages of living in a community (see details below).

Qualifications for the Project Manager position include experience in planning initial project scope, design and research, planning and managing the project details, supervising workers, and a track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget.   A team-oriented attitude, responsible work ethic, and ability to live and work in a cooperative environment are a must.

NOTE FOR “PROJECT MANAGEMENT POSITION” SKILLS LISTED BELOW: We understand that it would be very unlikely for a candidate to have all of the skills listed below. Think of these as our “wish list” for the position.


o                  Initial Project scope, design and research

o                  Projecting planning including schedules and costs

o                  Budget management

o                  Project management (including potentially managing crews)

o                  Cooperative decision making

o                  Strong leadership skills

o                  Ability to get things done in the face of challenges



o                  5 years construction trade experience

o                  Skills in proposing, planning and managing projects

o                  Strong research skills

o                  Ability to work in a group decision-making system (non-consensus)

o                  Good verbal and written communication

o                  Working knowledge of codes and industry best practices and regulations

o                  Computer skills including Excel/Word – CAD a plus

o                  Hands on experience with carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and/or controls a plus



o                  Interest in living in an intentional community (60-80 residents)

o                  Focus on living simply and sustainably in mountain setting

o                  Authentic and clear communication



o                   New Construction:

o                   Work with a team and community to research and develop new projects

o                   Develop project budgets, scheduling, and construction schedules

o                   Hire and manage summer work crew

o                   Facilities Support

o                   Work with team to problem solve on-going facility issues that maintenance teams do not have the capability to address

BENEFITS (Year Round Position):

o                  Excellent health insurance (with no employee premium dues)

o                  Long term disability insurance

o                  Very generous vacation package (Paid, Wellness, Birthday and Unpaid Vacation)

o                  Discounted massages

o                  Utilities (including phone and internet)

o                  Meals & organic groceries at cost (including a free meal once a week and free leftovers)

o                  Community living in the Cascade Mountains

o                  Hot springs, sauna, yoga and more

o                  Commute to work across a footbridge

o                  Co-op member and ownership possibilities

Visit our Web Site for more information:

If you are interested in the job, please email [email protected] and answer the following questions:

  1. What is it that most appeals to you about this job or working at Breitenbush?
  1. Describe your ideas and/or experience related to intentional community and/or cooperative living?
  1. Having read the skills we are looking for, can you comment on your strengths and weaknesses in relation to those skills?
  1. People make minimum wage at Breitenbush and housing is awarded by seniority. The entry level homes are very small A-Frames (10 x 12) with no bathrooms or kitchens (there are common facilities for these). Can you tell us how you feel about making minimum wage and starting to live in a very small home?
  1. Please include 3 trade references.