Mr Roger Connolly

by Roger Connolly
Seeking Community


My name is Roger and I am a UK architect interested in intentional community living.

I also have some unusual skills in that I use Sacred Geometry in my projects and also have training in something called Biogeometry. This is the use of technical pendulums to find earth energy grids, specifically the Hartmann grid.

Biogeometry also has applications for enhancing crop yields and balancing energy in existing properties to raise the frequency of the environment.

If you are starting new projects or would like to know how to plan these with Sacred Geometry and Biogeometry principles I would be very interested in helping with that. I would be most interested in a work exchange arrangement which could also include anything to do with general construction.

I have just completed a 4 month stint at the Pachamama community in Costa Rica and am looking for a new adventure.

You can see some of my work on Instagram


Please let me know if any of this is of interest

Kind regards