Believers & Messianic community vision

by dusseldorf
Community Forming
CanadaNBRollingdam(show on map )

Shalom, blessings to all in the name of Yahshua. My wife & I are Sabbath keeping Believers who have sought to answer the call to provide land for a community-in these last days-for the body of Christ Jesus/Y’shua. Due to the potential hardships-in the future-that big cities could have for their residents-(in our case Toronto) We have been praying for our Lord to direct believers for a joint community. We are the only owners (no bank mortgage) of 16 acres of all organic Farm, orchard & forest land located in Rollingdam, (south west) N.B. and a 15 minute drive from the u.s. border Calais, Maine.

We are looking to find those interested to pray together & start a self sustaining organic community on (about) 4+ acres of farmland with 2 Wells, existing septic field & Apple Orchard, along with (about) 11 acres of forest land. Now we have plans towards a Greenhouse, growing foods, Medicinal herbs, mushrooms, some Livestock; (possibly chickens, goats, miniature  cow, fish, etc. along with suggestions from anyone else.

     At some point in time after we get to know each other we are open-upon joint agreement with anyone interested-to share a percentage of ownership based on level of money or labor invested. {To be worked out by an attorney under land title contract-to be decided by all interested parties} Like a Coop, or non-profit community etc. other than splitting the land taxes of $305.64 a year with full anyone who is a full time resident.
     Basically the details described here are flexible. Everything will always be decided as a group {as to what’s best for the group interest as a whole}.