many hands make light work

by GraceAlmond
Community Forming
United StatesWVBerkeley Springs(show on map )

Hi, we are a couple who recently purchased 5.5 acres in Berkeley Springs Wv. The land has a well, a driveway, and electric on site. We are currently staying in a little camper, while we observe the land, make trails and set up some camping spots etc. The land has a varied topography with a meadow, some hills and forest, a wet weather stream and a north facing mossy hillside. Our intention is to create a small community of no more then 6 permanent dwellers, who are ideally  interested in gardening, mushroom cultivation, animal husbandry etc. We are artists and musicians and are looking for like minded creative types to work and play in a near ideal and private setting. The land has not been occupied for some time, and there is much to do in terms of infrastructure. We are open to all kinds of trades and situations that could work here. For example someone could come to stay here and develop their own business like mushroom growing for example. We are near the small historic town of Berekley Springs, which get very touristy and there is a lot of room for the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive here. The thing we are offering is the land and the resources here. You provide your own vision, work to make it happen and we all thrive!