Lot for Sale in Whidbey Co-Housing community

by upperlangley
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We have one lot for sale in new 16 family co-housing neighborhood on the outskirts of Langley, Wa.  Lots are 2000 sq.ft. with shared owner/stewardship for the remaining 10 acres of organic garden, beautiful second growth forest, meadow, common house (presently in design phase), and surrounding landscape. Each owner designs and builds (has built) their dream  home under 1000 sq ft. aspiring to community goals of sustainability, energy efficiency, and N.W. beauty. There are 6 homes built and 2 are in process. Multigenerational, our ages range from 14 months to mid 70’s. Price is $76,700 to income qualifying buyers.  Lots are deed restricted for perpetual affordability. Langley is located 1 hour from downtown Seattle (including 15 minute ferry ride) on the shores of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) and is surrounded by Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. Find out a great deal more by looking over our website: www.upperlangley.wordpress.com. To pursue interest, contact us at: [email protected]  or 360 770 1193,